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nKPro racing club proposal/feedback/ideas

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Senad Subasic, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone

    I wanted to divide the cars into three categories, and go with one every week. That way all the cars would be used, not exactly evenly, but close enough. Something like:
    1. Abarth, Vintage
    2. F1600/1800, Osella
    3. F2000/FTarget, KS2
    As far as tracks go, was thinking one week default, the next add-on, and so on.
    I'm not that familiar with all the add-on tracks available, so if you have one that you'd like to see, or even a car/track combo, I'd be more than happy to give it a go.

    Anyway, that's the general idea, post feedback, ideas, suggestions or obscenities below :thanks:

    1. different event types; enduro, sprint + feature, 3 sprints
    2. ballast
    3. mandatory pit stops
    4. Abarth race with full grid at Nordschleife :)
    5. reversed grid
    6. rolling start
    7. Lime Rock Park, Lastplace addon tracks
    8. Extra time between races
    9. F2000 at Adelaide


    A1 Ring - ok
    Adelaide 1989 Lastplace - ok
    Adelaide - Albert, unknown
    Ahvenisto - ok I guess
    Autumn Ring - ok I guess
    Bahrain - ok I guess
    Barcelona 03 - Albert, unknown
    Barcelona 10 - Albert, illegal
    Bathurst - Albert, illegal
    Blackwood - ok
    Brands Hatch 1.1 - ok I guess
    Brands Hatch 09 - Albert, unknown
    Brescia - ok
    Brno - needs GTR2 disc
    Crema Rsr - ok
    Crystal Palace - ok
    Dijon - Albert, illegal
    Dinosaur Canyon - ok I guess
    Donington Park - needs GTL disc
    El Pinar - ok I guess
    Essington - Albert, unknown
    F1 Stadium - ok I guess
    Falkenberg - ok I guess
    Fuji Speedway - Albert, unknown
    Goodwood - ok I guess
    High Speed Ring - ok I guess
    Hockenheimring - ok I guess
    Hungaroring - ok I Guess, has a bug
    Imola - Albert, illegal
    Interlagos - ok I guess
    Interlagos 1979 - ok I guess
    Istanbul 1.2 - illegal
    Laguna Seca 1.2 - ok I guess
    Lastplace Lake - ok
    Le Mans - ok I guess
    Lime Rock - ok I guess
    Macau - Albert, illegal
    Magny Cours - needs GTR2 Disc
    Melbourne - ok I guess
    Mid Ohio - Albert, illegal
    Monaco - ok I guess
    Montreal - ok I guess
    Monza Rsr - needs GTR2 disc
    Mountain Sprint - ok
    Mugello - ok
    Nordschleife - ok
    Nurburgring - Albert, illegal
    Okayama - Albert, illegal
    Oschersleben - needs GTL disc
    Oval - ok
    Phillip Island - ok
    Ricardo Tormo 1.2 (Valencia (Not The Street Circuit)) - Albert, illegal
    Riccardo Paletti (Varano) - Albert, illegal
    Road America - Albert, unknown
    Salzburgring - Albert, unknown
    Sepang - ok I guess
    Shanghai - ok I guess
    Silverstone - ok
    Singapore - ok I guess
    Snetterton 1.1 - ok I guess
    Spa 2010 - Albert, illegal
    Spa 67 - illegal
    Spa 90's - Albert, illegal
    Spa-Francorchamps - ok
    Suzuka - ok I guess
    Valencia 1.1 - ok I guess
    Zolder - Albert, unknown
  2. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Hey Senad, was hoping you would do a suggestions thread, must of picked up on my thoughts mate.

    I have a few ideas, here's one, seeing as nKP has 8 cars and heaps of circuits to choose from, shame some are illegal and not useable here.
    What if we run the same track over 8 weeks but race every car, we could vote on both car and track for the 1st event and then either have a set car list or vote for a car each week. This could be good in the respect that you get to know the track like the back of ya hand, it will also allow the new members a chance to race each car on every track available.
    We can throw different formats in as we see fit too,
    Week1: We could have Abarth @ Spa 30 lap Enduro,
    Week2: KS2 @ Spa the with say a ten lap sprint and a 18 lap feature race,
    Week3: 3 F1600 sprints of 10 laps, with maybe one a reversed grid race.

    You see where I'm going with this I hope, we could mix it up however we want it.
    We can even vote on the whole 8 weeks at the start if we feel so inclined.

    I would also love to see the birth of an Osella Rookie series here for new drivers with little experience, It would be good to see ballast implemented into the series too, so there's not a monopoly up front with the same drivers winning the events each week, this puts new drivers off league involvement I feel, and we should be helping these guys get involved more, not making them feel like they will never do well cause the guys up front are experienced and unbeatable.

    Whats ya thoughts???
  3. Eight weeks with 8 different cars, sound good, but not in the same track. I think that would be a bit boring and we have to adjust the tracks to the cars, slow cars in big and fast tracks, to me, is not a good idea.

    Rookie series also sound good, but where are they? Since I'm running with NKP, he have here a group of 6/7 drivers that usually show up for races, but the most of the others do 1/2 races and then almost disappear.
  4. Agreed with Sergio, that's two months of racing on a single track. Even if I loved the track, that's too much, and everyone has different track preferences.
    Now, 8 weeks of Vintage... :D

    I'll try to mix it up with event types, that's a good one.
    I'm always up for enduros, but they haven't fared well before, just a handful of finishers at the end. It would have to be a short track, an easy car, and reduced damage.

    I like the ballast idea too, shouldn't make a huge difference, but might make things interesting. Does anyone else have a problem with that?
  5. Guys id dont have problem whatever u want..
    If u want my opinion,i choose no same tracks or same cars...For me its boring.
    I like combos that i havent tested cause i like everytime to explore the track.
    When i have time i join ur races cause i like ur company :)
    I liked the ballast idea a lot :D
    The point is to have fun so,fun comes if battles come and battles come if we are stick together.
    As nkpro it is right now theres no need damage at all we have to minimize the pits caused from crashes.
    As for combos i like especially tracks that i didnt raced(dont have problem for cars).
    For me try to post events with tracks u didnt raced before thats all
    cheers :D
  6. About cars and tracks I can't say because I'm still a newbie and don't really know most of them, all I can say is that I agree with having as much variety as possible.

    8 weeks on one single track is probably a lot too much, but I'm not against staying 2 weeks in a row on one track if it is popular.

    Also, I heard someone is working on a netkar Pro Nordschleife version, I'd love if we could have events on it if possible, whenever it gets released.

    About ballast I don't really know, I have some experience with it on LFS and people tends to dislike it, not really because it slows you down, but because the car gets unstable and hard to drive, which tends to get frustrating at some point. Furthermore it hardly changes the order, unless you give extreme amounts(like 7+% of the car's weight). Now if it doesn't hurt the cars' behaviour on netkar, I wouldn't mind trying it.
  7. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Ok so maybe not 8 weeks in a row, the point I was trying to make was, we should aim to race every car on every circuit.

    I fail to understand the reasoning behind matching a car to a circuit, isnt the point of racing "Men and there Machines Vs Eachother Vs The Track" whether the track is short, long or otherwise, or if the car is Abarth, F2000 or Vintage??
    I also understand there still needs to be some degree of compatibility between car N track :) but surely we could mix the events up more, might make races a little more challenging for everyone.

    Im glad the ballast idea's a winner so far, it would definitely help bunch things up a little more and make for tighter races, this will obviously be a much better prospect when the collision & net code updates arrive.

    The idea of reducing damage is a good one, especially for the less experienced guys, and as mentioned above, less pit time means more race time.....I think, lol.

    It was because the new guys didn't seem to return after a few races/weeks that I decided to suggest the idea of a Rookies League/Cup/Club...whatever!!. What better reason to come back each week, a rookies only event.
    Only prob I can see here is, how can you tell a rookie from a veteran?

    Another thought was incorporating mandatory pit stops into events, like in Aussie V8s, 1 stop for fuel 1 for tyres/tires, could help mix it up bit more. But probably better suited to a league/series.

    Keep the ideas coming guys, its great to see.

    P.S: What about fixed setups, now that would keep racing close.
  8. We had a mandatory pitstop this week, Osella's fuel tank is tiny, LOL. I think most of us enjoyed the extra element :good:

    But, except in the Osella, it could be tricky to enforce. There's no mandatory pit stop option in the server setup, so someone might not pit. Sure, it's all in the server log, but be it accidental or not, there's not much one can do about it.

    I was thinking of reduced damage just in the longer events, keep it normal in shorter ones. Do you guys want it reduced constantly?
  9. I like the idea of mandotary pitstops...and not only 1...more than 1 even 3! i like diferent things in racing so i aggree with pitstops :)
  10. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    If the mandatory pitstop isnt viable then fixed setups might be the go??
  11. I post again cause i didnt saw Senad's post...

    The idea of damage 0 is:
    As nkpro is right now,if u crash probably u will go to the wall like a rocket or have many damages...
    And if we have it to 0 we may stick to the wall ok but we will not go to pits and continue the race in the back of course but not very far from the grid...So,guys who crashed they still have chances of fun and dont quit in the first lap for example.
    It may have the option of 30% damage but in game its not real cause every time u crash the lag hits u more than the actual hit and thats why every time u have damages 80% in ur car even if u hit the other a little..

    I want to play as real as it can be,but as it is right now nkpro,it doesnt actually support the damage feature ;)
    If collision arrives then of course 100% damage!
    This is my opinion.In next week i start exams then i leave for summer so probably ill meet with u again in september,so if u want dont count my opinion cause i will not be in the next events.
  12. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    You could control start fuel loads and force a pitstop with a fixed setup
  13. Cmon guys i thought we are gentlemen!
    If we say to make pitstop why are we goin not to do it...for winning the race? lol
    Who wants to cheat? I never found in nkpro crasher or cheater or thinking of cheating cause its hardcore sim and thankfully kids are not playing it :p
    Also i dont think theres option for fixed setups..or im wrong? dunno
  14. damn every time i post someone else just posted grrrr
  15. Nah, don't like fixed setups really. People have different driving styles, and different equipment, they can't all drive with the same steering ratio, brake pressures, etc. Most of the drivers would share their setup if asked anyway.

    Also, don't see any of that in the server setup tool, maybe I'm missing something? :confused:

    Vaggelis is right, these are fun events, no rank points or trophies up for grabs. I'll probably put a mandatory pit stop in the next event, and see how it goes.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far :thanks:
  16. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Hmmm I thought there was fixed setup ability, but maybe Im mixed up with another game.

    I agree with Vaggelis, Ive never seen anyone cheat and deliberately miss a pit stop yet, so hopefully we are all gentlemen after all :)

    Hehehe get frustrating hey mate
  17. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    the fixed setups would have to be the default ones mate, trying to drive someone elses setup wouldnt work at all got to agree with ya there :)

    2am here......

    Im of to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz land

    Cheers guys and happy discussions :)
  18. I like the idea about pitstops - it gives a little more "spice" in a race.
    The reduced damage is not important in my opinion.
    Weight penalties in a race could be interesting if it is in the same car that you drove. If you got it transfered to another car that you perhaps are not that familiar with I think that the penalties wil be a bit to much.
    Fixed setup - yes why not ... :)
  19. No global weight penalties, that wouldn't really be fair, just for the winner in one event.

    Winner of Race 1 would get x kg of ballast for Race 2. I assume that's the way it works in nKPro. We'll see :)
  20. Default setup for everyone sounds really fun for me. But I think it destroys the concept of some guys who are setup masters fly away from the pack and having guys emailing them for tips and information. This way many people learn how to setup cars.

    Only wish in car/track combo is I hope to get an Abarth race with full grid at Nordschleife when I release it soon. I already dreamed about that combo ;)