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nKpro for £4

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Justin Swan, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

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  2. Thanks Justin. Never owned nKpro, so now I've added it to my collection;).
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  3. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    You shouldn't be disappointed Philip.

    I didn't realise it was available on disk. Will be ordering for my collection.
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  4. Yeah, I'm looking forward to having a proper drive with it when it arrives. I played the demo ages ago, but I was doing iRacing back then so never made the purchase!!

    Hopefully it will get me really in the mood for AC when it hits the virtual shelves:).
  5. Woohoo!! My copy of nKpro arrived this morning, so hopefully tonight I can get some driving in :)
  6. Just ordered this, not even sure if I've tried the Demo before but it will be added to the collection for £4 :D
  7. Having tried most of the cars for a few laps this evening I can safely say that I'm feeling ever more confident about Assetto Corsa;).

    Until then I'll get plenty of enjoyment from nKpro:thumbsup:.
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  8. Just saw this promotion on Game (uk):


    Great deal for anyone who doesn't have it already. I must remember that you are supporting a small and very talented team. They all deserve much more (just saw "Indie Game: The Movie" last night lolol).

    To Stefano:
    Did you check your pockets? It seems you are being robbed.... lol
    Hope this low prices doesn't affect your incomings (if it does I may remove this topic...:rolleyes: ).

    Keep the good work ;)

    Ps: Am I posting on the right place?

    edit: I post this topic at AC. Didn't knew there were a post about this in netkar thread, so........ can any moderator delete this topic? Sry
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  9. Maybe if you want to support them buy it for full price directly to them..

    My 0.2 £

  10. Fred I already did (a long time...), twice. It was more directed to doubtful user... it's just 4 £ and I don't think KS will lose money with that sales (they made a deal with UIG Entertainment I guess). Hope not. Please warn me if I'm wrong.
  11. When I said YOU it was generally speaking buddy ;)

    Maybe Aristotelis could tell us :)
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  12. Purchased nKpro, i can't believe i didn't pay for it much earlier on :(
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  13. For those who are interested, netKar Pro 1.3 is now available for 4.99 EUR from their official site.

    And up to 1st March, you'll also get to AC Tech Preview ;)


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  14. Just downloaded it, Is the full game really around 1Gb?
    Or do I need to have the disk and then update to 1.3?
  15. No need to have the disk, mine was a direct download. If you have all the cars and tracks, that's it.
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  16. I purchased a copy too, still getting the hang of the FFB... I can feel things happening but I don't know how to react.

    Is it normal for the brakes to be very sensitive out of the box? I have a DFGT so the pedals aren't great, but it seems like under any circumstances, I can lock the FF 1600's fronts up in the first 20% of travel. It's just hard to tell what is part of the realism, and what means the control configuration should be tweaked.
  17. Yup, it takes a few laps for it all to start getting heated up and working.

    I think F8 brings up the input graphs, check that. If 20% gets you 100% of braking, you'll need to adjust something.
  18. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Still haven't played this yet. Am I missing much?
  19. Yes :p
  20. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Just had a spin.not too bad :) I need to get modding