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Nitro Endurance Series - Signups and Discussion

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Jeff Howard, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. Welcome to the Nitro Endurance Series (NES)!
    I'm looking for 15-16 serious possible entrants for LMP1, LMP2, and GTE categories for what I hope will become a multi-race series (supposedly 10 races), and not just a one-time deal. When the series will start is yet to be decided.

    The proposed schedule with race length goes as shown:

    1. Indianapolis Road Course - 30 Minutes

    2. Nurburgring GP - 30 Minutes

    3. Laguna Seca - 20 Minutes

    4. Circuit de la Sarthe - 1 Hour

    5. Fuji - 30 Minutes

    6. Spa - 40 Minutes

    7. Silverstone - 30 Minutes

    8. Red Bull Ring - 30 Minutes

    9. Daytona Road Course - 40 Minutes

    10. Suzuka - 30 Minutes

    As for entrants, there are specific cars that are to be used in the LMP categories, while the GTE is just simply whatever regulation GT car you have available (GT500/300 prohibited).

    Below is the entry list which will be filled up overtime:

    Audi R18 - Richard Hill
    Audi R18 -
    Toyota TS030 - william_sandahl
    Toyota TS030 -

    BMW V12 -
    Audi R10 -
    Audi R8 -
    Pescarolo -


    An exception will likely be made regarding the Deltawing (if no one chooses it) that either a 5th LMP1/2 entry or an 8th GTE entry will be allowed.

    CLASS SPECS/REGULATIONS (Not intended to match FIA):

    (Closed Top)
    Power: 530hp
    Weight: 900kg

    LMP2 (Open Top)
    Power: 510hp *(BMW V12 - 490hp)*
    Weight: 1000kg *(BMW V12 - 1100kg)*

    Deltawing (Run stock)
    Power: 344hp
    Weight: 490kg

    Power: 500hp
    Weight: 1150kg

    If weight cannot be made in class, the driver must add ballast to their vehicle to meet regulation. In GTE, for every 50kg over, an increase in 10hp will be allowed!

    * The BMW V12 has very low drag and is very nimble in the corners with default LMP2 specs; therefore, a decrease in HP and increase in weight is set to match the entry with its class

    A points system is set to be in place and will go as shown below:

    25 points
    2nd: 18 points
    3rd: 15 points
    4th: 12 points
    5th: 10 points
    6th: 8 points
    7th: 6 points
    8th: 4 points
    9th: 2 points
    10th: 1 points
    11th-16th: 0.5 point *

    1H Le Mans
    50 points
    2nd: 36 points
    3rd: 30 points
    4th: 24 points
    5th: 20 points
    6th: 16 points
    7th: 12 points
    8th: 8 points
    9th: 4 points
    10th: 2 points
    11th-16th: 1 point *

    *Half a point (1 point at Le Mans) will be awarded to any car classified lower than 10th in the general classification of an event

    I hope to hear from some of you soon as I can already see this league/series becoming something to look forward to!

    Leave your PSN name with your entry request so that I know who you are in-game. THANKS!
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2014
  2. Great idea :) the TS030 seems nice so that's what I'd like :). Could go for the pescarolo if someone more available would want it though. :p
  3. Excellent, you're all signed up! More information regarding the series will come later on when more people fill some spots. Mind though if you list your PSN name so that I know who you are in game? (Unless of course your username here is also your PSN name)
  4. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    I would be really interested in a league like this. Depending on days and sign ups but I do hope that this goes ahead. Sign me up not sure what car but I am thinking of the Audi r18
  5. Alright, awesome. I've created a club using the new GT6 community features, ID #1003537, that will be the new home for the league. I'll sign you up in one of the Audi R18 positions temporarily in case you change your mind. Welcome aboard!
  6. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    Cool I will have a look in still quite new to gt6