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Nissan GT-R - Portugal

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Setups' started by Micha 007, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Hi, i really like playing the GT World Endurance Challenge.

    Can anybody post some setups for the tracks?

    I tried playing with the differential, springs etc to reduce oversteering of the default setups but it's really hard for me to find a good balance between power and control.
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Maybe you can post your own first? The feedback you will get might help you to finetune your own setups.
  3. Yes sure.

    I'm using xbox 360-controller, and all aids off except clutch.

    Here are my setups for the GTR (i like better than 370).

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  4. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Thread moved to setup section of the forum.

    As I am not the best in creating setups, I leave it to those who have more experience to say something about that.
  5. I am not a fast driver or particularly good at setting up cars but I definately have a lot of fun tweaking the cars and experimenting.

    My rule of thumb is the more fun you are having (catching slides, putting your foot down at the apex of a blind corner) the faster you are going.

    IMO the Nissans are understeering RWD "boats" with lots of power. This means you need to power your way through corners by finding the point where you can keep "drifting" while controlling your turn. The settings that affect this are power, preload and to some degree suspension rebound.

    In order to understand what changing the setup does to the car you in general only change one setting at a time. For me it is usually a process of trying to go over the "edge" and then reducing until I can control it.
    The easiest example is the brake balance. I usually move it as far back as I think is normal (between 60/40-65/35 for front engine cars) and then I see if I lose the backend during braking. If I do I keep moving it forwards til I don't.
    Setting up cars is mostly a trial and error process for me but I think it's part of the fun of sim racing. Hard tops are also usually easier to setup than open wheelers since they have too many settings (who needs a third spring) ;)
  6. OK, thanks for reply.

    What would be a good setup (especially differential, suspension and aerodynamics) to begin with, so that the car "forgives your driving faults"? Sorry for my english, it's not my mothertongue.

    Somebody sent me a setup with good control of the car (no oversteering when accelerating and stable while braking) but unfortunately it wasn't saved.

    I'm a bit confused because setup guides in the internet tell me that i should max differential lock power to reduce oversteering, but when i increase it, handling only became worse for me. So i reduced it ...

    Though hard tops might be easier to setup than open wheelers there are still thousands of possible combinations.

    When i watch the fast drivers on onboard camera i never see them drifting, though it's fun of course.:)
  7. *edit*
    First and foremost the RaceDepartment guide
    which I have probably learnt the most from and is a good starting point.

    This is probably the best explanation I can find ATM (turns out its bump you need to adjust and not rebound, oops)

    if you need pics and a detailed explanation then
    is alright but the oval setup tips are kind of worthless for circuit racing.

    and here is an even more detailed explanation of differentials

    About the drifting or power oversteer I don't mean that you should go all the way opposite lock but keep it on the edge.
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  8. Thank you very much Christian.

    The racedepartment-setup-guide is really very helpful.
  9. My first setup (not too adjusted yet) in Portugal with GTR. I did 1:36.500 in few laps of training, but I'm sure I can reach 35s :D

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