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Nissan GT-R GT3 @ Spa-Francorchamps

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by ROBY F1, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Roby F1 Ita - qualifying lap online mode 2.16.490 - video hotlap on youtube/robyf1ita
    No Assists - Fuel rate 1x - Tyre wear 1x - damage on

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  2. Dux


    Good lap :thumbsup:
    [EDIT] Why it's impossible to take Eau Rouge with 231kmh flat out, and you go 'almost' flat out at 245kmh at same point?

    I did some 10 laps, 2:18.8 for now. All i can see below is at most 1.5sec
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  3. You probably have tyre wear off so you are stuck with brand new tyres at 90% grip. Kind of a shitty feature of AC when you are hotlapping
  4. Dux


    Nope, it's on tyre wear x1
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  5. The car is very sensitive to hight adjustments, a bit to low and you will have massive understeering... Didn t try robys setup but i m sure he has adjusted this perfect. I did something about 218,3 with another setup. I allways drove Hard over the right curb, that gave me the right amount of oversteering to go flat out.
  6. Dux


    His setup is a setup you need to adapt. It's not easy one. Id recall Mika's words when he described his 99 car. "Very fast but very hard to drive"

    His low camber on the rear gives better turn in the corners and since i tried of course different way, it was easy to spot on where he gains his time. Going back to his setup, it's very easy to acknowledge you need to be anything but aggressive. Smoothest is the fastest way as always.

    Instead low camber i lowered the rear wing and increased the rear camber in order to gain the top speed he had but again nothing. I came back again to see just how much exactly he carries through Eau Rouge.
  7. Ok, i.will give it a try today, maybe I can tell you more than...
  8. Ok, just did a couple of laps and got a 2:17.8 on the 3rd try... The trick is to do a warm up lap first Like on many tracks... I Made a Video, will post the link later but i got allmost the Same Speed thrue eou Rouge... I Made some mistakes so 2:16 should be no problem After some practice.
  9. What's up with the super high rear end on this car? I'll have to check the aero numbers with that kind of rake and diffuser height but I doubt it's optimal like that.

    I have no real trouble going through eau rouge flatout at around 245 kph. You must be doing something wrong :thumbsup:. I think we'll see 2.15 on this combo
  10. Dux


    I was preserving the tyres now in the warm up and i managed to go with full throttle all the way through Eau Rouge but yet its not 245 but 234 and i fail to manage the braking at the end of the straight. I lose the back end all the time when i start to brake at the point when i reach the curb on the left.
  11. Dux


    I am driving my 10th lap around and cannot get below 2:19
    [EDIT] On mine s.wheel, with same setup if anyone does 2:16 i will giveaway my PC -_- Its impossible to get 2:16

    Did 2:18.4, was spot on on all corners but ... something is missing

    [EDIT2] Setup becomes invalid when i turn on fuel consuption and mechanical failures on 100% o.O
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  12. 2.16.229 after 10 laps on this setup. No assists. Feels more natural to me.I missed two apexes by a mile so a 2.15 should be very easy with a bit more work.

    I started from default. Adjusted tyre pressure, camber, toe, ride height, gears, aero and rear arb. The rest is default. I looked at the aero and the efficiency gains only come from having the front as low as possible. This car is not really sensitive to rake angle and diffuser height effects so the rear can be anywhere and it barely changes the aero efficiency. My rear height is setup so that I can keep a bit of positive toe which is maxed out, otherwise I would've gone lower.

    If I can do low 16s after driving for that little amount of time and with a setup almost default I can see eventually low 2.15s easy

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  13. Dux


    I'll try it now
    [EDIT] 1st lap 2:19.9 & hard to go below. Did 2:19.1...
    My s.wheel is Formula Force Logitech FX and i have only 90C to left and right.
    In the videos above they have posted they catch the apex very easily and it seems like i dont have enough turn in ... i am on limit and i will make spin if i go harder, it's fastest possible. Perhaps low 2:18 or high 2:17 but 2:15.9 or low 2:16 are impossible :/
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  14. 2.16.116 with this one. 5 deg rear wing feels faster.Front is now at minimum height. Eau rouge is a bitch to get right flat out...I wouldn't play online with this setup I'd end up getting a bunch of penalties.

    I don't remember if I changed other things. I have splits for a 2.15 but it's really tough to get a perfect lap with this car.

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  15. Hi guys but you can use soft tyre ? it have a super fastly degradation...!
  16. Hi, I need setup GTR GT3 for Silverstone. For time 2:01,xxx
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  17. Softs are at 98% grip when I finish the hotlap so yes degradation has started. Still faster than mediums. Take it easy on the outlap

    The Q1basephil215800 setup posted here can do 2.00.xxx in silverstone
  18. Nice
  19. i need set up for red bull ring i think to try this one :thumbsdown:
  20. rocafella1978


    hi all, is there a way with a viewer program or similar software to read the INI files into proper data setup content? being able to compare 2-3x ini files side by side? see the differences? and etc? anyone have suggestions?