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NIssan GT-R GT3 @ Nordschleife

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Nils Wijk, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Ok lets get these dream pack setups rolling. For me the basic setup was lacking a lot of steering and I think it had a lot of off throttle under steer. Improved these both. Also upped the final drive ratio by 1 click. Improved an 8:54,xx to an 8:43,xx. Time set online with 2laps of fuel in the tank. I did not check my tires so maybe hards are better.

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  2. Thx buddy i will give it a try ;)

    Its ok, i improve my time 4 secs 8.52.2 with med tires :thumbsup:
    I need improvement!!!
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  3. 8:43 isnt good bro :D

    Today i drove with standard setup a 8:29 Endurance. Just fit the stabis a klick up and thats it. And for your Highspeed turn down rear wing from 9 maybe to ( for your comfort driving dont set the rear wing) 6 and setup your gear.
  4. I think with good setup there will be times around 8:10 or even lower. Just did few laps this morning, only set rear wing to 6, 1 click longer 6th gear & took some fuel off. With those did 8.16.8 & there was several mistakes on that lap, so id say with almost default setup you should be able to do around 8:12-8:13.
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  5. Hmm I do not understand. For me the standard setup is not working at all. Car is bottoming out a lot, also the front wheels are loosing contact with the surface and there is absolutely a lack of turn-in and mid corner speed. Are you guys driving in hot lap mode or a session with normal tire wear and fuel consumption?
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  6. no assists, fuel and tyre consumption enabled. Stabi one klick up and rear wing to 6
  7. mod-edit the thread is to share setups, not videos please
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  8. Thanks this will help me with a lot. My car is bottoming out in places where it is not happening to yours. At least I cannot hear it happening in the vid. It makes it more difficult to make the corner as I have not grip on the front when it happens...
  9. Good vid but i see maybe a little optimization in the car suspension. Try to set it a klick up in rear
  10. I can't find the "place" for put in the file :O_o:
    D:\Users\Username\Documents\Assetto Corsa\setups\nissan_r34gt\
    There isn't a ks_nordschleife folder
    Any ideas?
  11. create the folder and save the setup then see if you can find it in game.
  12. Thanks, it works! :)
  13. Uhh... Isn't that a completely different car?
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  14. It works quite well, no more understeer.

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  15. Did anybody check if this setup it's still good in AC 1.3.4?
  16. In general, none of the pre-update setups are good.
  17. Yes we need a lot of new setups :O_o: