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Mods Nicky Grist co-driver for DiRT Rally (teaser) 0.1

DiRT Rally goes back to roots

  1. Palo Samo submitted a new resource:

    Nicky Grist co-driver for DiRT Rally (teaser) - DiRT Rally goes back to roots

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  2. VCA


    Great news tell us what process is used to access the inside of the .bnk Software to download and convert to a real co-pilot in Spanish.
    Thank you
  3. awesome mod. thanks a lot.:cool:
  4. that could not have been easy
  5. I didn't test this (I just looked into the file) but I must say that I'm impressed of the desire and determination shown by Palo Samo to go through the extra mile. I guess that eventually the problem will be staying below the restricted 200 samples per soundbank? Maybe solvable with a careful mapping of original pacenotes but it is a huge task, no doubt about it.

    EDIT. No wait, scratch that, now that I've tested it. I thought Oberstein was a sprint and not a long one, my bad. Oh wow. This is some serious stuff. :)
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  6. Thank you for acknowledging my work :)
    For this particular mod I used original soundbank and replaced audio files inside it. No problem with restrictions here :) Having said that, there is another way of creating pacenotes but even then you won't exceed 200 sounds
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  7. Oberste
    You only need to create pacenotes for long stages. Sprints use the same pacenotes ;)
  8. Yes, I know.

    I guess it all comes down to DR using only 2 variants for each line in reality instead of 4 or something else they were boasting about, thus rendering most of those original files pointless. I mean, the original soundbank for that stage has a whopping 452 samples (compared to your 113).

    But that "another way"... most intriguing. You know, I've read so many Finns whining endlessly about the English co-driver that it's almost beyond belief so hopefully you will release the instructions at some point. I'd love to find out if there's any true competence to take up a small challenge. I shall go on record now stating that no, absolutely nothing would come out of that. :D
  9. Hehe, I already had two guys recording their own pacenotes with their own voices as a test. They don't want it to be the official release but it shows the determination of the community.
    I used Italian language pack because I know a bit of it and like other non-English versions it only contains basic calls without all the voice modulation marketing gibberish. I mean, Paul has done an awesome job in recording these extra sounds but I can't hear the difference during a stage.
    Unfortunately changing pacenotes this way is not as straightforward as with WorkerBee's PaceNote Plugin for RBR but at least it's possible at last.
    The other way you mentioned is much quicker and flexible although you loose the replay goodies when codriver can only be heard during certain shots. If someone can live with that limitation then sky is the limit :)
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