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nHancer/AA Problems

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by benneyb, May 23, 2009.

  1. I'm running v2.5.1 of nHancer with my nVidia GTS 250 video card with V182.50 drivers, and I'm having problems with blurring textures, shimmering and AA problems. I've cranked the settings up in nHancer, but they don't seem to be working well. I notice particular problems on Lemans, Curibita and other tracks.

    Anyone with similar hardware and drivers and nHancer who are happy with the results? Would you mind posting your settings or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Try the latest official nVidia drivers: 185.85

    I'm using them with nHancer and they rock. Make sure negative LOD bias is set to "clamp".
  3. What is nHancer? I just got a GTS 250 a few weeks ago(running 185.85) and I've never seen an option for nHancer.
  4. Mike,

    Thanks, but I've heard of quite a few problems with 185.85 drivers, on the Nvidia boards and elsewhere. Its good to hear you've had success with them, but not sure if I'm confident enough yet to try them.

    What video card are you running?
  5. 9800GTX+ 1GB

    They worked just fine for me on both Vista x64 and Win 7 x64.....

    But the only games I play are GTR Evo and rFactor. So the issues on the forums don't affect me.
  6. Been messing around further, moving from Multisampling to Supersampling made a big difference. I'm much happier now with the results. This using V2.5.1 of nHancer and driver V 182.50. There are A LOT of options to mess with!:confused2: