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Next update/hotfix

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Sean Kenney, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Just curious when the next update might be? Obviously with the holidays and their move not much is to be expected if at all.

    I really am not worried about content updates or anything such as that, but just hoping they fix/improve some of the bugs created from the last update(can't race at Zolder or Brandshatch, race finish order messed up) that were not present before and maybe a slight improvement with the mulitplayer ping and livery issues.

    or maybe a hotfix to sort those?
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  2. If everything goes as it did in the past months we should get an update around mid-Jan.
    I'd say in the week of the 19th... :cautious:
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  3. Yeah assumed then.

    Just didn't know if they could get a hotfix in or something before then, when they get back into the office etc... :)
  4. Its got to be coming soon:):):)
  5. Maybe update the Gr5 cars by adding the FABCAR? Would be sweet.
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  6. The Fabcar (and its liveries) has been announced for early this year in the last dev stream.
  7. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    maybe just a big bug fix ?

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  8. I know, and what they showed looks promising. That's why I am hopeful that it will be in the next update or soon thereafter.
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  9. I hope so, I think there is enough content for a year, its time to focus on new features and iron out the known bugs.
  10. Never enough content!
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  11. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm not fast, but I'm wide! Staff Member Premium Member

    But also, always some bugs to be worked out. Lack of content doesn't prevent us from enjoying what we have, bugs can though.
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  12. Never enough! lol
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  13. Not in steam, not gonna see an update until then I gather.
  14. I think a constant dripfeed of new content is a must for the business model, to keep the cashflow going.
    I think S3`s business model is based on that of the drug dealer.
    You know, you get a taster for free, and once you`re hooked, you just have to keep going back for more.
    Then, before you know what you`re doing, you`re robbing little old ladies just so you can get your hands on that Ferrari 250 GTO that`s just been released...:geek:
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  15. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Exactly. Regular content releases are a necessity for the product to survive. F2P doesn't pay the bills otherwise.
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  16. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm not fast, but I'm wide! Staff Member Premium Member

    Where is this Ferrari you speak of, and where's the nearest old lady I can rob to pay for it?? :geek:

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  17. Now that would be an Experience worth the name!!! :thumbsup::roflmao::cry::laugh::cry::roflmao::thumbsup::inlove:

    By the way, R3E have made a small update on steam!
    Did we get the hotfix? (Don't have time to check it now)
  18. I have not notis anything changis...yet
  19. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm not fast, but I'm wide! Staff Member Premium Member

    Waiting anxiously to hear the results of this small update.......................:geek::geek::geek::geek::geek::geek:
  20. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    Should be announced on FB soon.