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Next season contracts?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Nitecom, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. So I decided to rush through my last 5 races of the season with Lotus, I skipped to race on every event and caused a massive crash first lap and then retired, on average I finished around 20th for each race.

    To my suprise I didn't get an offer from Force India or Williams by the end of the season, do you think this was due to me not meeting any of my remaining R&D objectives and quali/race objectives?

    I would hate to think I've gone all the way through this first season with Lotus and I dont get to join a KERS team.

    I've finished 19th in pretty much all races previous to my "test" and met all r&d objectives and about 50% race/quali due to harsh objectives (quali 17th / race 16th etc)

    Oh...btw my rival is Sutil and I dont think I can beat him tbh.
  2. most contracts are offered during the season and i believe only two are acceptable untill brazil.
    i dont know if the difficulty setting is a factor here, im playing on legend.
    ive got 4 contract offers right now and im at singapore my first contract offer expires at yeongam i believe.
    i dont know for shure if there are more teams to come with a contract offer so i wait a little longer with accepting
    a contract offer.
    im driving for force india right now, but i might go to williams or take force india's first seat if i wont get a offer from mercedes grandprix
    as im beating schumacher as my oponent.

    ooow boy i got a offer from mercedes grandprix :)
    lets see if i could get a even better deal next race otherwise ill take it..
  3. Thanks for your reply speed.

    Can anyone who started with one of the bottom 3 teams on Legend difficulty, confirm if they received an offer from FI or Williams at the end of their season?
  4. I got a Force India offer after either Monza or Singapore, then I got my Williams offer after Suzuka I think. I've met all my objectives, bar a couple when I crashed out of the race. I'm currently on Legend, having to drive hard though to keep up to my objectives. My current objectives are Quali 12th & Race 10th, in a HRT.

    Maybe if you complete the real hard objectives, you'll get the Williams/Force India drive.

    Hope this helps Nitecom!
  5. Thanks for the reply JR!

    Do you race with any assists on? As I race with all assists off and can never compete with the KERS teams, always quali/finishing 19th..

    Having said that just had the most epic race of my life in Suzuka, qualifed 17th and had heavy rain all race, managed to get up to 11th with 1 lap remaining and 4 cars ahead of me decided to pit for tyres lol, ended up finishing the race in 7th and getting 6 points to put me ahead of Sutil (my rival) who has 0 so fingers crossed I should get the drive with FI if Sutil doesn't gain any points! :D

    Also JR, what lvl are you xp wise? Im just approaching 6 myself.
  6. Nitecom just be careful with the Force India drive... bare in mind that if they finish below Williams they'll become a bottom tier team next season and will be very slow, but they'll still have kers. Hopefully they're above Williams and you beat Sutil, cause you'll jump up to a tier 3 car then! Double win!
  7. ok that could be a problem then!

    FI currently have no constructor points and Williams have 2 :/

    Will the car be that much slower if it drops to a tier 4 car or will it only be slower by making the AI lap times slower, but still be just as fast for me?
  8. Don't take this as gospel but what I think is this:

    The AI times in general are faster in year 2, or it seems that way to me! I stayed with Williams in season 2, and despite my car being faster it feels really different. I don't feel as quick until the last stint in the race when all of a sudden I'm fast. So qualifying and the first stint in particular always feel like a real challenge.
    The FI will drop from tier 4 to tier 5 if it finishes below the Williams. On 2010 the handling and horsepower both suffered as a result of a drop in tiers, assume it's the same system for 2011 but nothing to confirm that.

    I think it would probably still be a better option than the Lotus as you won't get Kers with the Lotus, but if you do get offered a contract with Williams and they're beating FI I'd take that.
  9. Cheers for the info Chris, much appreciated m8!

    Shame that, as I much prefer the look of the Force India car, lets hope Sutil or Di Resta can pull something out of their arse by the end of the season or Williams offer me a contract :p
  10. If in doubt just keep your foot down into the first corner at Brazil, plough through the midfield and try to avoid the FI's! lol.
  11. Haha I like your thinking!! ;)