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Next RD iRacing Club event at SPA with which car?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Will Marquez, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    With SPA coming out in a few days, was thinking of hosting a club event on this track for fellow RDers next week. If you were to choose what car you'd like to race with on this track what would it be?
  2. Willi of course
  3. Was thinking the same thing Dario, but just wanna make sure! :)

    It'll probably be next Sunday Dec 26th. I know people will be enjoying the holidays with family and friends but if there is enough interest I can host it for this day. If not we can plan for this as being our first RD iRacing event for 2011.
  4. I have to agree, it would have to be the Williams.
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    My vote would go to the Corvette. No cooler car to ram up the Eau Rouge than a GT car :)
  6. I vote for Corvette too. Otherwise de DP, MX-5, Star mazda or Williams would be cool too :)
  7. I could go along with the vette and the DP. I think most of the other cars will run out of gearing on the long straights of spa.
  8. The vette or DP for me as well.
  9. F1 or DP.
  10. f1, vette, or DP all sound fun. Mix Class chaos with F1 and Vette? :o
  11. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Corvette or Radical.
    Many people would be overstrained with the Williams imo.
    Will race anything, though :)
  12. Mix Class with anything and the Williams sounds dangerous, I don't need any help with rolling my car into an nice little ball, I can handle that all by myself.

    I also agree with Kevin as my stress/strain level is very high when I'm attempting to drive the F1 car, but I will also race anything.
  13. Indy car will be nice on Spa, not sure everybody has it though
  14. I think Kevin is right, the Williams might make an event turn into a war of attrition with people spinning out as its a hard car to be consistent in and very unforgiving. The Corvette might be a good choice though it would be nice to make a change from tin tops. If not the Corvette what about the Star Mazda?
  15. Corvette does sound like a good idea here. Star Mazda is one of my favorites as well. I guess once the track is released we'll have a better idea of what car to run here for the next RD club event.
  16. Quick noob question guys, I've never had a race where I've had to make a pitstop on iRacing. Is it fairly easy to come in and change all four tires without adding fuel? Was also thinking about possibly adding a mandatory pit for tires (just an idea though :) ). But wasn't quite sure on the pitting process.
  17. Pit stops are pretty easy, if you do nothing at all and pull into your stall you will get 4 tires and a full tank of gas. You can change how much fuel or how many tires, but default is everything.
  18. Yes - If you ever played the NASCAR series, the screens are similar. When you bring up the F4 Fuel screen, set the "Add Fuel" to 0.0 and deselect the checkbox. On the F5 tire screen, de-select the two tires you don't want to change (do this on-track).

    Selecting the 0.0 is important - iRacing resents all the boxes to 'checked' when you leave the pits (I'm not sure about gridding, haven't checked that yet) - this is why you select the tires on-track. In a skippy, a 2 tire stop is 6.5 sec, a 4 tire stop is 12.8 sec.

    Unfortunately, setting up for pits is one area where iRacing is weak compared to other sims, though it DOES allow you to tweak the pressures on the new set of tires, which is nice (assuming you are an expert on handling feel and tire pressures).

    (oops, was editing/testing when William answered)
  19. Cool thanks for the help on understanding the pitstop guys! Might be something to implement for future RD events. :)
  20. While I most probably won't be able to race on Sunday my vote would be the Vette or DP. I really love the MX-5 but wouldn't it be a turd on this long track? Just imagine the straights - but it would lead to nice drafting battles :)