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Next Rally - next week

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. A quick heads up re our next Rally. Following the good roll up to our last two Rallys, we will be scheduling the next Rally for next week. ie. Monday 7th / Tuesday 8th June.

    1. This gives the new members some more practice events to keep their momentum going.
    2. Rick has asked to see if we can switch the fortnightly cycle to better match his shift work.

    So we may continue with the fortnightly cycle again after next weeks event, or reconsider weekly if the interest is there, and we can organise events quickly enough.

    To make the preparation easier (for the organisers and the drivers), we will follow the theme of the last Rally, so plan for more gravel, same car set (A8W-05), mix of countries, but this time bring your umbrella's and wet weather gear.

    Details and sign-up available in a day or so.
  2. So I have to quit Subaru team and find a better offer :).
  3. no pressure Warren but whens the next one, i can`t wait to get practicing :D
  4. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    LOOOOOL, he has the virus!
  5. LOL Nigel, I saw the topic title, and I thought this was the next one, thanks :p :D
  6. Geez, talk about pressure. :tongue: :cool:

    The plan is to have the next one in two weeks time, I just need to dream up an event and test some cars.
    Might be thinking about something smaller and less powerful next time, and another opportunity to let everyone experience some different track surfaces.
    Still dreaming right now though, stay tuned.

    BTW, the off-line Championship mode in RBR is rather cool too if you want more practice.
  7. Sheldon Cooper

    Sheldon Cooper
    I love my Meemaw

    I really want one next week :D

    Damnit forgot I was logged in as this.

    Ryan btw.
  8. Maybe you can sweet talk or bribe Senad into organising one, I'm really not sure if I'll get one planned intime, I have a real life too. :wink:
  9. Well, I don't have a real life, but I have no idea what to do :D. Definitely can't do those fancy sign up threads you always prepare :o.
  10. We are kicking a few ideas around behind the scenes, Senad you have mail.
  11. If you come up with something nice i will join to :D. I have RBR installed for quite a while. But never got into it.
    More because of the wheel and the FF. Its just went all over the place and couldnt get it fixed and just left it there.
    But even Ryan can get his wheel to work, so i must be stupid. :D
  12. Ok, due to member "pressure", the Rally Club team have worked feverishly to organise another Rally for next week (Mon 14th, Tues 15th June 2010).

    Here is a little video to give a taster of what to expect, but it will be aimed to showcase a great deal of what RBR has to offer. We'll try all default surface types, across most countries, and in lower powered cars. The main aim will be to provide a good introduction to RBR and our Rally Club for newer drivers.

    Stay tuned for the sign-up. :rally:

  13. Guys I just tried the rally Slovakia Mlynky tarmac in Škoda Fabia S2000 and its an amazing drive here!! one mistake and you are down of the hill but it is not to hard to stay on the track, fast turns some chicanes and good backwards! it makes it special and I really love it especially last 3 KMs
  14. I just tried this Stage, and it is indeed a very well made Track. What impressed me most was that it loaded into RSRBR2010 without any error messages, ended correctly, and the normal replays all worked flawlessly, including the TV camera view. I can't recall any other addon track working flawlessly.
    Are there any other addon tracks that integrate as well as this one??

    I'll certainly include this one in a future RD Rally. :thumb:

    EDIT: Hmmmnnn!! Maybe not, it looks like this track is not yet available in RSRBR2010 for on-line Racing.
  15. Warren how is possible that it is not available? I honestly don't know much about add-ons tracks, I just downloaded what you said in install guide and the track was included there so I just tried it :D
  16. Yes Ondrej, it is included in RSRBR2010 for "Play Alone" but I checked the On-Line tracks in the Server and it was not included.
    Hopefully, they will add it in a future Update, there is one due in a few days. Fingers crossed.

    So, at the moment, we can only drive it off-line. :frown:
  17. so how it is with that Slovakia stage? :)
  18. Sorry Ondjej, it's still not included min the Server list of tracks.
  19. and now? :D
  20. Sorry Ondrej, it still doesn't seem to be included for on-line use. :frown:
    Don't know why they haven't included it yet, since it is available for off-line. :confused: