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Next League Discussion

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Dario Jagar, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Dario Jagar

    Dario Jagar


    -shall we continue with MX5?
    -every week, every other week?
    -Skippy or?
    -6, 8, 10, 12 rounds?
    -one or two drop races?
    -focus on "default"/free tracks or simply best car/track combos

    and yes, when shall we start, around mid January?

    based on this discussion I will create poll afterwards to see which car(s), tracks, formats are most wanted ;)
  2. Dazmaniac


    MX-5. Everyone has it. Popular car to drive too. Provides fun racing.
    A season running week on week for me.
    Skippy fun to learn but maybe a change of vehicle for alternate season.
    12 rounds and 2 drop races.Consult the member content sheet and decide from there. To avoid some great tracks by going just 'Rookie' would be a missed opportunity.

    As an example, Club England over on iRacing ran this schedule for the recent MX-5 series......

    Week 1 - Okayama International Circuit
    Week 2 - Phillip Island
    Week 3 - Road Atlanta
    Week 4 - Mosport International Raceway
    Week 5 - Summit Point Raceway - Summit Point Raceway Full
    Week 6 - Road America Full
    Week 7 - Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Full
    Week 8 - Sebring International Raceway - International Night race
    Week 9 - Brands Hatch Circuit - Grand Prix
    Week 10 - Suzuka International Racing Course - Grand Prix
    Week 11 - Watkins Glen International - Classic Boot
    Week 12 - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - GP Pits

    Give the Christmas pud time to settle, lol. Mid January should be good.
  3. Larry Stovall

    Larry Stovall

    I know it's mostly road racers on here, but an oval league might be a nice change of pace if we had enough interest. Car wise, even the Street Stock, which everyone has, could be a lot of fun. I haven't looked at the ownership statistics for the oval cars; the Late Model and the Silverado are pretty popular aren't they?

    Road wise, I really enjoy the Skip, but would have no problem participating in other cars, especially the Mustang and the Star Mazda. I'd probably break down and buy the V8 Supercar or the Daytona Prototype if we were running either here.

    I think we might want to pay some attention to some of the alternate arrangements on some tracks, too. One of the New Hampshire road courses is a very, very fun drive in the Skippy and the SRF.
  4. Tom Van Put

    Tom Van Put

    I would be interested in something like a "cheap-starters-racing program" :)

    What do I mean with this:
    Use popular cars: Mustang, MX-5 (2 championships in 1)
    Use "club" tracks and use different variatons of them:
    Oulton Park (Island & Fosters)
    VIR (South & North)
    Silverstone (International & Southern)
    Brands Hatch
    New-Hampshire road

    Create club racing: Easy access, not to much setup work, fun little tracks, big fields, close racing

    oh, and make sure the races take place when I am free ;-)
  5. Glenn Petersen

    Glenn Petersen

    On the road side I would like to see the Radical, DP, or V8SC. How about mixed class using DP and GT or LMP and Radical. How about a road racing version of short track racing using the MX5 on very small road racing configurations where lap times are less than 1 minute. Do them in 2 race sprint races with inverted fields.
    On the oval side, the trucks and late models are fun. Throw in a road course or two to keep it interesting.
    Personally I'd like to see some top tier stuff. I know not everyone owns all the content, but I'd like to see the Cup cars or Indy or even F1.
    I don't race in iracing seasons, I only race in hosted leagues so I have to look elsewhere to get 'my' fix. I'd like to see RD have a top tier league here.
    Oh, and no skippy... ever.. :)
  6. Eric Estes

    Eric Estes

    I think the alternating weeks works ok, with one league being with an entry-level car (MX-5) on the shorter/stock content tracks + a few extra (some of the infield-only configs are great in MX-5 - like Daytona), and the other league to be big-guns: IndyCar/F1/Radical/DP or LMP. Minimum of Star Mazda.

    The other possibility would be to have, instead of a big-gun league, to have an oval/road Truck or Late Model oval league. One thing that RD no longer has is a regular oval league, and I think there is just enough interest that a Sunday league that all continents can attend may get enough interest to be sustainable.

    2 drop weeks for a 8 or 10 race season, 3 drop weeks for 12. (1 for every 4 races). I think 8 race seasons are perfect (would last Jan-May then we could work on Summer league(s)).

    Oh, and to repeat - no skippy... ever.. :) - done with that until the Lotus 49 arrives.
  7. Bjorn de Haas

    Bjorn de Haas

    I would go for a top-car league f1-indy-nascar-lmp gt and then do a 8-10 race serie with 2 drop events.
  8. Flavien Vidal

    Flavien Vidal

    MX5, Mustang or Ford GT... These are the only cars I'd like to see in a league...
    12 weeks 3 weeks dropped seems like a good solution for me...
  9. Andreas Forslund

    Andreas Forslund

    Radical or Star Mazda. 10 weeks with 2 drop weeks. I would like a poll to choose all the tracks.
  10. Marko Buhin

    Marko Buhin

    eventho idk how i'll be with time in future, i'd like to vote for star mazda or something like that...
  11. Flavien Vidal

    Flavien Vidal

    No openwheelers for me... I'll be there only for a tintop league :)
  12. Hampus Andersson

    Hampus Andersson

    My Mclaren spec series layout i think would make any car interesting.
  13. Eckhart von Glan

    Eckhart von Glan

    oval would be nice, take that oval car everyone gets at the start (street stock) and the basic ovals plus one or two bigger ones, 10 races two dropped that way if you don't want to buy the extra contant it's ok.
  14. Flavien Vidal

    Flavien Vidal

    Road Street Stock serie!!!!!! I would be allllll over that :)
  15. Mike Riedner

    Mike Riedner

    10 races with MX-5 every other week, two drop weeks
    Or: 9 races wirh MX-5 every week one drop week
  16. Bob Luneski

    Bob Luneski

    Star Mazda or Indycar
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  17. Nathan Robinson

    Nathan Robinson

    i would race just about anything except for the mx5. its fun but too slow to keep me interested. The mustang is a great slower car but i also enjoy indy cars and the vette
  18. Andrea Ventura

    Andrea Ventura

    I would be obviously happy with another Skip season :), but Radical, Mazda or even Lotus would be fun as well.
    Whatever you pick, count me in!
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  19. Marko Buhin

    Marko Buhin

    oh yeah, Lotus... my 2nd pick :)