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Featured Next Car Game: Wreckfest - July Update Released

Discussion in 'Next Car Game: Wreckfest' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Next Car Game Wreckfest Update.jpg
    Bugbear Entertainment have today released a new update for destruction derby style racing game Next Car Game: Wreckfest, and it contains a number of key improvements including a new track and variant of car to enjoy.

    The new update for July brings with it some updated thinking to how the car physics are applied in game, with work on the suspension settings, fixing some of the aerodynamic properties, improving gear shift logic as well as tuning the driving assists all aimed at bringing a more satisfying driving experience for players to enjoy. Alongside the many tweaks and fixes in the latest update comes a new circuit in the form of ever imaginatively titled Mixed 3 track, as well as a lower level variant of the European 3 car (looks like an Escort to me...) giving early indications of the direction Wreckfest is heading when a full career mode hits the game in future months. Bugbear have hinted that a career mode in Wreckfest will give gamers the opportunity to work through a game progression program, starting with lower powered cars in minor events until they work the way up to better events in more exotic machinery.

    The full changelog for July's update can be seen below:
    • Added a new work-in-progress track, Mixed 3.
    • Added a folk-racing variant of European 3.
    • It now requires heavy hits to cause any damage to the chassis in case the body panels are almost or fully intact.
    • Low to moderate jumps no longer cause damage to the chassis health on landing unless chassis is in critical condition.
    • Health bars now display correct reading also in replays.
    • Improved car cameras and related effects.
    • Improved shifting logic for automatic gearbox.
    • It’s now possible to skip gears when downshifting (i.e. shift directly from 3rd to 1st, for example).
    • Improved Stability and Traction Control assists to make them more useable.
    • Exposed developer track data and trackside camera visualization, racing line adjust tool, and free camera for modded tracks.
      Use the tilde key ~ (the key below ESC that resembles a squiggly worm) to access the developer menu and F11 to enable free camera.
    • Added an ability to set effects to panel release and unlocking (not used for official cars just yet).
    • Fixed buggy checkpoints on Speedway 1 and Tarmac 2.
    • Improved AI routes on a number of tracks.
    • Fixed rough geometry in the Sandpit 3 intersection causing cars to flip.
    • Added more grass to Sandpit 3.

    Check out our Next Car Game: Wreckfest sub forum for news and discussions regarding Bugbear Entertainment's latest smashfest title.

    Have you tried the new Wreckfest update? Do you like how the game is progressing? What do you enjoy about Wreckfest? Let us know in the comments below!
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  2. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley
    Premium Member

    When I want to just crash and burn, and not having to worry about saying sorry when accidentally crashing into someone...lol...this game is just brilliant. My T300RS and H-Pattern shifter work without lag and even though there is no clutch support, I can still simulate changing gears by pushing in the clutch and shifting the H-Pattern shifter without any over-revving...very nice indeed. Graphics are very good as is the Audio and the FFB wheel feel is extremely good...overall I am thoroughly enjoying this update.:D
    P.S...The Damage Model is amazing in Wreckfest....got to love that:)
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  3. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    Is it any good online? Keep thinking about getting this game... Is the ai any good also?
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  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member


    Offline, yes its fun.

    Online, its unbelievable good fun!
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  5. Keith Joyce

    Keith Joyce
    Stercus accidit Premium Member

    The cars are more driveable with a controller now and the new track is fast and furious!
  6. jlnprssnr

    Premium Member

    Really like the way they're going with the new more entry level car. I usually configure my Euro 1 as a C class car for races against AI, so this is right up my alley.