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News from SimBin

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ramon van Rijn, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    Today we received this community letter from SimBin. RaceDepartment.com will discuss the headlines in our staff forum also because of some parts regarding Modding. Feel free to start discussing in public while the staff is forming its own vision for RaceDepartment.

  2. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

  3. Great and informative summary about current happenings, thanks!
  4. Neil Farren

    Neil Farren
    Premium Member

    Well some very strong words there about the modding community. I think one of the problems is, how does the average Joe on the street know he is using content that has just been ripped off from someone else. Not being technically minded enough to understand the full process I would find it difficult to tell them apart. Maybe simbin could implement an approval system, where they approve every mod. Would be time consuming but a good way to combat the rogues.
  5. The only way i see, and as a good first step, that communities are not allowing to advertise illegal mods. And we will act in the spirit of this.
  6. Since Ramon has stated that we will discuss this modding issue in the staff forum to finalise RaceDepartment's policy, we will be looking closely at our response.
    But any ideas will be taken on board.
  7. Neil has a good point. Something like a Sim bin approval or "Fair mod" stamp would be a good solution. If it comes to computers I'm a total caveman. If cpu no work I SMASH with big club, that's about as technical as I get with cpus.:becky: Or maybe a site with a list of sim bin allowed mods,which in turn could be managed by anybody within the company. Shouldn't be all to difficult. One thing is for sure:KEEP SIM BIN ALIVE!!!:amen::amen::amen:
  8. Looking forward to having more touring cars, would be good to have the new STCC cars mixed in with the WTCC cars. I would assume they should be run to similar regulations to make them all competative with each other? Whats the other RWD car they mention? The Merc thats just to be mentioned?

    I believe what rFactorCentral.com did was a very good way to get round the issue as its a very well known site where everyone goes to get the mods and tracks, but only legal stuff is allowed, so its only the true mods and authorised mods that get on the site.

    The GTR/RACE games dont really have this sort of thing. I believe the best way of solving it is like what rfactorcentral did by the community. After all if the community has a overwhelming consensus that its wrong and just not done attitude to stealing content then new people and others are less likely to do it. Although there are exceptions for people who just have no moral standing in life.

    PS: When was the last community letter? I havent seen one anywhere, anyone got a link?
  9. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    It was mailed to the community admins.
  10. So, do you think this means they will not release templates?
    For a common user of the game this is the only "modding" they will ever do.
    And I feel this only brings more joy to the game I've already paid for.
  11. I think this is something about far much and more then templates, i dont think it has any influence on templates at all...
  12. It would be nice if the tracks could be somehow branded so that everyone can easily recognize who the developer of the track is
  13. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Nice. Still no words on The GTR EVO templates though.
  14. i think templates are not that importend, reading simbin may drops pc development is the shocking part
    and we have to do something that this will not happen till now i dont have a real clue how it can be done
    but we have to find a solution hand in hand with simbin cuz both simbin and the comunity cant stop this ripping on its owne
  15. I think the problem is not mods made for GTR but tracks/cars being converted from GTR into RF or other sims. Maybe a shame list either on RSC or on the Simbin site, listing content for other sims that was taken from a Simbin sim.

  16. I think it´s easy to support Simbin. First step: use original tracks and cars from Simbin (GTL/GTR/Race/Evo), then tracks could be checked carefully to verify it they weren´t stolen from other sim. Are the tracks created from scratch? Converted with legal permission? The same to the cars.

    I allways disliked add-on track for GTR. In some of them you couldn´t warm the tires up, in some others the tires overheated. Some had poor textures and so on... I can´t figure out why on earth you have wonderfull tracks from Simbin, with live track, fantastic tracks, and then they´re left aside... F1 runs in Monza for 50 years, Nascar runs in Watkins Glen for ages, Daytona, the list goes on and on... but some guys have to have all tracks of the world. I can live with that, but it is not easy to undertand.

    With the cars it´s even worth. You have the original cars, based on real data from the real cars, but some guys wants a 4wd cars mod. Not easy to understand. There are some platforms that are opened for mods, like rF. Not easy to understand, also.

    Well, that´s my opinion. Hopefully I won´t be crucified for that.

    [ ]´s

  17. I am just a little unhappy cause the porsche gt2/3 are not in the game.
    Maybe with some add ons its possible.
  18. The Porsches are in GTR2 it shouldn't be a major problem or a license problem to add them to Evo. It may even be as easy as copying the files from GTR2 folder to Evo folder.

  19. RE: Modding - if its importing ripped off content into Simbin games that is the question, then a simple solution may be for Simbin to implement and provide some kind of registration or authorisation key for mods and modders to get their content recognised by the game engine (not for skins and suchlike but for real mods, cars, tracks, etc).

    There will always be hardcore crackers and hackers trying to get around these things, but this would help stop the majority and the innocent importing content that they don't know is stolen from elsewhere in to Simbin's releases ...

    BUT ... I think the real problem Simbin have is the other way around ... ie. taking Simbin's developments and porting them directly for use in other games and creating "unauthorised" mods of cars and tracks etc.

    This way round its tougher to stop ... unless ... Simbin talk to the competition and they all agree to implement the same kind of thing ... could be a solution as they are all in the same boat aren't they?

    The "hall of shame" for stolen content between games is a good idea in principle for people who care, like people round here, but the majority of people will not check such a thing when implementing mods ... unless ...

    ... a final quick thought I just had on this topic would be for the modders/developers ONLY to publish their authorised mods on a central web-site, and all the rest of us only download from there?

    (cor he went on a bit eh ... sorry!! :p)
  20. The thing that choke me is that the folder tree is the same for every games ... so nothing can be done apart changing the engine of the game...