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News about WTCC 2014

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Sébastien Degraeve, Jan 26, 2015.

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  1. I was wondering how this was coming along!!
  2. Wonderful, exquisite... Best sounds in the business. Bar none.
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  3. Me want now.
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  4. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    I really like the TC1 cars. Faster, more aero, wider and meaner looking. Can't wait for the 2014 update. I'm especially looking forward to the new circuits that will hopefully accompany what I assume will be WTCC Experience 2014. Paul Ricard, Spa, Macau, Salzburgring, Shanghai.....awesome.
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  5. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm just here for the snacks Premium Member

    I thought they said they wouldn't have enough of the new tracks done to make it a full Experience?
  6. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Depends if an 'Experience' must feature a full championship's worth of content. ADAC GT Experience is missing a fair chunk of the grid due to the omission of Porsche and Lamborghini. WTCC Experience will maybe miss a few tracks? Just guessing.

    From what we know of the WIP tracks yet to come, only three from the 2014 season are missing (I think?).
  7. Not sure I would call it an Experience without all the tracks, no matter how it gets marketed.
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  8. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm just here for the snacks Premium Member

    I think an Experience has to have all the tracks so you can replicate a season. Missing a couple cars doesn't keep you from running the full schedule so they're not as critical.
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  9. As long as it is priced well, but I would prefer to have an experience be the real thing...not sure.
  10. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium Member

    Just let me have it now
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  11. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Regarding what makes a full Experience - True, but we've seen no mention of Marrakech, Termas de Rio Hondo or Goldenport circuits as being WIP. Perhaps S3 have a surprise for us but my feeling is we won't get a full 'experience' in the short term, if at all.
  12. For me "Experience" is more about rules than content.
    Of course it's better if it's come with all tracks (and cars) of a regular season, but an Experience can be see as a set of rules for the series: DRS, mandatory pitstop, tires, weight penalty, etc ..
    I think it's easier to implement in EXperience than everything in Raceroom.
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  13. It's too bad that the WTCC 2014 is only available in a pack including five circuits.I would have preferred to have a real game like DTM Experience.Maybe Sector3 has no official license ....
  14. Why only five circuits? The following circuits should be available by the time WTCC 2014 is released:
    • Circuit Paul Ricard
    • Hungaroring
    • Slovakiaring
    • Salzburgring
    • Moscow Raceway
    • Spa-Francorchamps
    • Shanghai
    • Suzuka
    • Macau
  15. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    It was probably easier for Sector3 to deliver DTM and ADAC GT Masters as 'full' experiences because those series are only 7/8 venue championships, and with both being German series, the circuits used are very similar.

    The WTCC is a bigger series with 12 venues, only 4 of which are already present in R3E. So S3 have built 5 more but perhaps it was always too much to expect them to create the full calendar with a studio that has been in transition and on limited resources?

    Also another possible factor is the WTCC calendar is very fluid with many changes most seasons. For instance, WTCC 2015 will only use six circuits from the 2014 calendar. It's always going to be tough for a small team to create all those missing circuits.
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  16. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm just here for the snacks Premium Member

    We have to play by S3's rules/definitions and they've said an Experience is a full schedule of tracks as well as the rules package. Personally, I prefer it this way. You should be experiencing what it's like to race in that series for a season, including all the locations and rules (and preferably most of the cars, though they aren't as critical). Otherwise it's just a random race session. As for a set of rules, those things could just be set as options in R3E Regular for us to activate as we choose (some of them already are), but that would not make for a complete Experience.
  17. I'm happy with the custom seasons feature and being able to make my own schedule, I'm a preferrer of an all-inclusive R3E base to separate experiences to be honest.

    Agree with James above about the ever changing circuit rota of WTCC. I guess Rio Hondo and Marrakech could be future targets after the current impressive looking list is completed, but a universally hated circuit such as Goldenport would hardly seem worth it I'd suggest (although I wouldn't complain!).

    When I saw the release of the WTCC 2015 schedule, with another 4 new circuits on top of the Nurburgring, I was feeling plenty of sympathy to S3!
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  18. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    They also dropped Suzuka in favour of Motegi. This was announced only just over a week ago.
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  19. J-F Chardon

    J-F Chardon
    SimBin Studios

    Given the choice, we'd rather not do experiences anymore and instead provide the content in just a pack, and if the series comes with specific gameplay rules, then allowing them through the entir game is what makes us happy at least :)

    Regarding WTCC 14, there will be some more stuff shown in the next dev stream.
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