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newer build = slower lap times

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by itchy, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. somebody please tell me the 1.0 build results in slower laptimes than older builds.
    Well to be more specific, almost 12 months ago I could lap Silverstone GP in 1.40.2xx in the Fiat 500 using semislicks. I haven't played the game in ages so either im a lot slower 12 months on, my new TV's lag isn't as good as my older screen or the game physics have changed resulting in slower lap times.? if the latter is true then doesn't that make the RSR live laptime app's lap times useless ?
  2. Laps are slower,indeed.
    And rsr leaderboard will be restarted soon ;)
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  3. Yes, the devs changed the tyre model again.
    Tyres now give less lateral acceleration and/or their friction coefficient was lowered altogether. Drive a combo you know well and have a previous lap time from the RC recorded in the ingame telemetry. Drive a lap now and compare the speed delta mid corner.

    after 8h driving today: tyres are now much more sensitive to pressure, camber & slip angle. You need to get the pressure right within +/- 1 psi. More camber all around helped to negate the loss of lateral grip. The toe settings now have even more influence in handling. Clockwise / anti-clockwise tracks will induce asymmetrical pressure.
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  4. ouvert


    yep .. now you have more reasonable lap times ;)
  5. PaulH


    Phew! I'm a bit glad to here that, I thought I was going crazy, can't get close to my "older" lap times at spa
  6. Lazarou


    I just thought the same 312T round Imola 4-5 seconds slower. I like the new tyres a lot more now though. Feel much more natural.
  7. Really? Finally! It should be done ages ago. Most times are impossible now.
  8. 2-3s is everyone slower
  9. I think the newer tyre model is responsible for that, i liked it.