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Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Bruce Rook, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Hola from the past...

    Hola all, ol' Flattop here, thanks to Wally Masterson posting else where, thanks WM.

    I certainly have missed GTL after having such a long association with it and having so many fun hours racing.
    The irony of the demise of XGN is that I finally have not only got a great wheel but a computer that provides good graphics with good frame rate!
    Hahaha, like the song "Sorry your just a little too late".
    Pleased to see there is an organised GTL arena, will come and have a look around if this is okay with all.
    I have been of fratanising with the Power & Glory mod, had a lot of fun there, the last 3 races in their first season of 7 races and came in "Lucky 13"
    So I'm inspired, but I must admit time was/is getting limited and can no longer give the same as the past and hope your system here may provide the catalyst to getting some more out my fav, GT Legends.

    "Kowabunaga!" :circuitzolder:

    I forgot I had uploaded a pic of myself, sorry all will replace asap (-:
  2. Well at least We know what You look like now!

    We definitely need some races here at a reasonable hour, so I guess We'll see what
    happens eh?
  3. Just let us know what you would like and we'll do our best to meet it. There are plenty of opportunities to design some nice racing to whatever we would like, so fire away.
    We could introduce some GTL into our Oceania Sunday night, but if you would like GTL on other nights (Oz time), we can certainly try to do it.

    Throw your requests or ideas into the new Australian forum.
  4. Hello Imperious, pleased to see you here mate.

    fixed the first item! The Buick is better looking than me, and younger!

    Down to racing... Pity your work for the next session didn't come to fruition, but hopefully here we (meaning existing members here and our old racing friends), can get back into it.
    As I said above and previously, I don't have as much time as previously but would like to jump in to some racing, especially in a place like this with good racers.
    Time to have a look around...
  5. Thanks Warren, will learn my way around your forum and hopefully find a fit.
  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Hi mate,

    Welcome to RD. The brand new Aussie forum is very simple to find it is down under on the forum tree :) Click here: Australian - RaceDepartment Forums

    Enjoy your voyage Bruce
  7. Good timing Bram, I just re-entered here to post for a link and thanks for the welcome.