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newbie on oversteer

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Alexw1984, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Ive tried to read up on this but i can't find anything on the problem im having. I bought Race07 a few weeks a go and started trying to get to grips with it and went straight for the WTCC and the BMW E90 as its RWD and wanted to go that route. I often get the problem of oversteer when coming out of a corner, which isn't a problem usually except sometimes when i counter steer to control the back end of the car snaps round back the other way and no matter how much i steer back the other way, the car spins.
    I'm not sure exactly whats causing it, lifting off maybe? I try not to do that as i know the result but i'm lost. It tends to be the same corners over and over - theres a 2nd gear turning about midway through Curitiba '07 where it happens quite frequently. How can i cure this habbit ive developed of losing control like this?
  2. It's training your right foot I'm afraid :)

    You have to be early and smooth on the power in the BMW.
  3. Sorry, just realised i missed a bit of info, after steering to correct the over steer the back end switches/snaps back round the other way so i have to steer back but im never able to control it. Standard over steer i can control (and can enjoy :p) but when it does this i can never control it.
  4. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    To recover from big snaps like that I find a technique using the brake and acelerator to gether quickly gets traction back to all four boots.

    the rest of the articles can be found here, check the driving techniques page lots of usefull info http://flyingpigpedia.wetpaint.com/page/Driving+School?t=anon
  5. decrease toe camber.//
  6. I think its just practice! Its the better way to solve your problem!
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

  8. Also some corners shift up early. Im dong this with the GT cars just to stop it. I can handle it without up shifting early but im inconsistent and this helps.
  9. fiddling with your throttle sensitivity can also help power on oversteer if you have a twitchy right foot hehe, i generally keep my throttle sensitivity at 50%, maybe a bit less if im driving GTpro's to help me keep everything pointing in the right direction on corner exits :good:
  10. That looks good, might give it a try :)
  11. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    It works. Flat down doesn't always give you best and quickest escape but you'll get used to modulating it pretty fast.
  12. try playing with the throttle.. it works for me as you can see in this picture: my rev is low at gear 3 and powersliding continuously.
    after that just release the throttle and let go of the wheel. it works on me. i use keyboard. -.-"

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  13. i think i sorted it out. When the car was oversteering i think i was releasing the throttle so it turned from a power oversteer in one direction to lift off over steer in the other, if that makes sense? Ive taught myself to modulate throttle and can get the car back in check while losing very little time :D Thanks for your help!

    I also fiddled with some settings in the setup guide, im struggling the see the differences so far but i'm not changing much. I just wish i had more time to practise :(
  14. try softening the rear bump - rebounds
    it always helps
  15. I would say try to use longer gears to start with. Especially making the 2nd gear longer would help with ur oversteer problem from slow corners.
  16. Depents on what corners it is, but if its on the slow corners exit try some lower rear camber :)