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Newbie Mod'r Question

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Graydon McKee, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. I’m a newbie when it comes to graphic design and mods in general so this may be straightforward question to some but I just can’t figure out the answers to it. I’ll try to be brief
    I am using GIMP 2.6 on Vista in case that matters.
    I made some changes to the windows_interior.dds file and while it looked great, I couldn’t see out the window when I got to the car. I’m thinking that I messed up a layer before I flattened the image. Has this happened to anyone else? What did I screw up?
    After some trial and error – as well as some searching through the message threads, I finally figured out how to install extra tracks and cars in RACE07 but I can’t get them to come up in GTR Evolution. I can find the folders and can make the changes but I just can’t seem to get them to come up. I’m sure that the solution is just staring me in the face but I just can’t seem to figure it out. Any suggestions?
  2. usual suspect is:

    "InteriorWindows must be saved in DDS – DXT5 format with 0 mipmaps."
  3. @ Kris
    Yup. I checked the guide by Ramon and it is the only reason I got as far as I did. (Excellent Guide) As far as it goes I can do everything that the tutorial covers but it doesn’t mention the interior window dds files.
    I also found the tracks string that you mentioned and have followed it. Every track shows up except the one I added (the Top Gear track). Now the one thing that just occurred to me was the fact that I’m placing the files in the GTR Evolution Offline directory. (c:\Program Files (x86)\SimBin\GTR Evolution Offline\GameData\Locations\) When I add the track under the Race07 folders in Steam they do show up but like I said – I want to use them on the GTR Evolution side.
    I’ll go back and redo it but since I’m using GIMP, I need to save the file as a PSD file then open them in Paint.NET and save them down to DDS format. (Incidentally a work around I found in the threads here at RD) I do save them as DXT5 (Interpolated Alpha) but it doesn’t give me the option to set the number of mipmaps. (At least I haven’t been able to find that setting thus far.) I do leave the other settings as default (Compressor Type – Cluster fit (slow/HQ); Error Metric – Perceptual; and Additional Options – Weight Color by Alpha unchecked / Generate Mip Maps checked)
  4. I use PS CS3 so can just use the nVidia plugin... feel free to email me the file and I'l have a quick look... PM'd email...
  5. Gunthar, et al

    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply - life switched into high gear unexpectedly and I've been running to catch up ever since.

    I'll send along that file to you. Thanks for taking the time to look it over.

    BTW - with regards to my tracks showing up in GTR Evolution: It must have been some sort of problem between the keyboard and the chair because the last time I was in the game I noticed that they showed up. I was either blind before or they just clicked in somehow. Either way their showing so I'm not going to ask why.
  6. You have mail :)