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newbie in rFactor - pls help out

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Fahad Gaffoor, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. well its give i got rid of F12010.. something are really annoying..
    so i wanna move to a real racing sim

    so what are mods and stuffs i will need for rFactor.. i have only the install file of rfactor.. so wats the best f1 mod out there and where do i get it

    pls help
  2. thnx...
  3. If you're looking for F1 mods, I recomend you F1RFT 2010 (If you are looking for one of this season), LMT 2010 will come soon, but don't know the date.

    You can also try some touring cars, like Touring Car Legends, etc...

  4. yeah just got going with F1RFT 2010 mod yesterday.. was hoping to find fsone 2010.. but its still under development..
    yeah i need to find other leagues too..
    thnks edgar..