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Newbie in need of help.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by SKYLINEMANNING, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Hi all , first time posting here. I am trying to create a touring car class in which includes all the Touring cars from the WTCC/ STCC into one championship only using fictional skins that way to keep the official touring car championships clean. Ive got all the necessary car packs and Ive gotton used to wtcced and GCFScape but i am still having problems which I hope someone here can help me. My problems are as such:

    1) I have managed to get the WTCC 2007 BMW into it's own class but the skins keep going to default in game . I am putting the skins within the cars file within the teams folder. I was successful once but then when i loaded the game again the car went back to default. Am guessing it's a naming issues but I seem to be naming the files the same as in the Confi file.

    2) I tried the same technique that I did with the BMW with the VW Scirocco STCC 2 but the car did not appear in game, I had extracted all the necessary files and renamed them but no luck.

    I've always wanted to have a race with all the touring cars from WTCC and STCC with just the custom skins, I thought it would be straight forward but it's proving to be difficult hopefuly with your help these problems can be solved.

    Thank you for reading :)
  2. I dont think so. Am wanting a standalone mod with the cars from WTCC/STCC only using custom skins.
  3. ok.......:thumbsup: you may have to make a whole new class , with classID# and icons....
  4. Yeah thats what I have done, so far only the WTCC 2007 BMW works, ive tried other cars such as the Leon but they will not show up in game I used this tutorial:


    It maybe a naming issue in the .cas file that's the trouble because the search paths seem to be different with each car.