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Newbie help needed for 3D Max/rF2

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Stefan Woudenberg, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    i have started to model a LMP2 car for rFactor2 in Blender and exported it for 3D Max.

    And as you can see I imported it into 3D Max.
    I added the Gmotor addon and exported them to mesh files. I set up rFactor2 and 3D Max to work and did a test with the body:

    When I add tyres, rims, brake discs..etc etc they appear all over the pitbox and not on the spot where I see them in 3D Max??? :confused::mad:
    I read somewhere set all the pivots to 0,0,0, but how should I do that?? I have been messing around for a week and read many many threads here at RD and ISI, but I cannot find the answer to my problem.
    I am in a stage to just stop this whole project and move one which would be a shame of all the work I have put to make this model for the RDWES......
    HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!!:redface:
  2. In 3ds max, when you click one of the objects it should show the origin of the object (in red color). For the car body etc. the origin should be the same as the document i.e. x,y,z=0,0,0. But for the wheels, uprights etc the origin should be at the center of the wheel. Check if you have the right origin coordinate first.

    To move the origin point:
    • Select the object
    • Click Move button
    • Go to Hierarchy tab and check "Affect Pivot only"
    • Move the Pivot/origin to the local wheel center (should be quite accurate otherwise the wheel will look "unbalanced" in-game when its spinning)
    • Uncheck "Affect Pivot only" and job done
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  3. Thanx M8! :thumbsup: Gonna give it another shot. :)