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Newbie - A bit nervous about online play

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jeremy Paterson, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. I read all the rules for club races and I really want to participate, but to be honest I'm a bit afraid of being "that guy" and ruining everyone's day because I'm too noobish. (still waiting for my license too)

    I just bought and started playing Race On yesterday after playing the demo for a few days. Prior to that I played a lot of GT5.

    I feel like I'm doing pretty good, but need a little advice as to whether or not I'm ready to give it a go online.

    So far, the only tracks I've learned are Anderstorp (from the demo) and Road America, so I've got some learning left to do there. And the only car I've driven is the BMW 320.

    I'm playing with a DFGT and Track IR. I have most of the settings as difficult/real as possible (no assists, traction control, etc.)

    On Road America, my laps are in the 2:29-2:33 range with the stock BMW 320. I do my best to not make contact with other cars and I'm usually really good about it except for the occasional incidental bump, especially because the AI seems to brake too hard and too early.

    From the rules, it's hard to gauge just how strict it all is but I get the sense that you have to be at a high skill level to participate. I would never intentionally wreck into someone and I always put every effort forth to not bump, but with my low experience level it's bound to happen occasionally.

    Any advice here would be appreciated. I've always loved simming. I started with Flight Simulator (first planes, then helicopters), then I spent a long time on Submarine Simulators. I'm really liking the racing stuff so far and really looking forward to racing with you!
  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    everyone is welcome in the racing club no matter your level of experience, as long as you follow the rules and try your best to avoid any contact with others you'll be fine. by joining the racing club people will be able to help you gain experiences and if you are being careful i'm sure you'll be clear of troubles 99% of the time, like as always say best way to learn is to join the growd.:wink:
  3. Awesome! Thanks! I'm definitely careful and anxious to learn. Now I just gotta wait for that license...
  4. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i've seen in your application that your from the USA so you might want to start with the US race club event, smaller grid and the guy's are great and help each other alot. you can watch this little video of a previous race.

  5. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Hey Skooter how you doing? I'm new as well i joined in november. I have not yet finished a race with these guys i've had to bail out during practice. I tell you now a lot of these are FAST and consistant. but dont join in expecting a win but you can learn a lot from these guys by following them around track. Im four, five seconds behind polesitter . Im hoping to complete a race this weekend. If you like join us on the 13th for the V8 Supercars race at Mosport 09, or if thats a bit much(those cars are crazy with no assists)join in on a Mini Race. Hope to see you on track soon.
  6. As the rest say, it's not the winning but taking part. I've yet to have a Podium finish with this lot, very fast. There will always be someone around your level that you can compete with, had a few close battles for position even if it isn't for a win!

    Take part, learn, race and above all have fun and enjoy it!
  7. Mike Bell

    Mike Bell
    One-time RDTCC Race Winner Premium

    if you are nervois id suggest minis first - they are very easy to setup and control
  8. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Drive what you like if you can find the race for it :) We are all here pretty much for the fun of it and welcome new blood on the track. One thing is for certain, you can't get better at racing with other real people unless you race other real people, so come on out and have some fun.
  9. So hope you guys are still racing like this when I move out and am able to race at four in the morning every night. That looked awsome.

    Jeremy Paterson, on feeling nervous and thinking your too "Noobish," you don't have anything to worry about. People will tell you about how they felt like when they went racing for the first time online. I'm sure even the likes of Jesper Taulbourg and Keith Barrick will agree with me, that they didn't quite know how their first race(s) were going to go. When I got my license, I did as many Club races as I could, so that I could get experience. As there is NO substitute for experience when it comes to racing IMO. Learning to race with real people, watching their lines and seeing their braking points will allow to gain speed and feel more of a racer. Winning is not what your trying to do, your trying to race fairly with the people around you, and have fun.
  10. Sounds good. Thanks for all the support.
    I'm running the Jops Siffert Mini Challenge tonight. Looking forward to it! I practiced on the track for a while and was able to get consistent lap times in the 1:38 to 1:45 range with the Mini, staying on the track (most of the time) and not running into any AI cars. Hopefully that will translate reasonably well to the online racing. I got Teamspeak up and running too and chatted with some nice fellows from Canada and Holland.

    I'm definitely not looking to win or be a hot-shot... I'm all about learning right now and driving conservatively enough to not put my bumper into somebody's back seat!
  11. @ Jeremy: Funny that you posted this because I've been thinking exactly the same thing. Itching to get in the ring, but don't want to be the newbie that ruins it for the experienced folks. But I plan to give it a go in the very near future (wish I could do the Mini race tonight but, alas, conflicts), so you probably won't be the tail-ender for too long!
  12. jump in and have fun, i remeber my first online race i was on edge but just got out there kept it clean and made it to the end, and that was a big buzz for me then it become an addiction real quick and evry miniute you want race, a great bunch on here and your always be made to feel welcome no matter what leval you race at,

    hope your first race goes well remember just have FUN, maybe see you on track soon
  13. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Welcome aboard guys! hope you enjoy racing with us online. Just remember Club Racing is all about just having fun. Ok and some bragging rights:wink:.I am one of the slower guys myself but im learning by following the fast guys lines. I started playing this game last november offline, started online in febuary.so i'm still new as well.
  14. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Yep, key is to just get online and run with who ever you can. The experience building your racecraft will help even when it comes to offline racing. Besides, online is the only place you can beat someone and have a chance to give the slower guys hell :)
  15. Hay man jump on in!
    All of us had a first race...mine years ago.:cool:

    The club format here at RD is great! I wish I'd found these guys sooner!

    As far as being the fastest goes...if I came here just to win I'd be an unhappy camper.

    I come here to race the guys I'm close to and meet my personal goals, (like not throwing myself off the trak:wink:) and have fun!

    It's a great feeling to be almost error free and withstand the pressure and keep my concentration up (like not thinking about lunch after the race!):eek:

    Next thing ya know you'll have a raceseat (Obutto) and a G27:cool:

    cya on trak!

  16. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium

    Don't be afraid, just drive ;)
    My first time was also not collisionless, made some light contact, as long as it doesnt really disadvantage your rivals it's not a problem and will probably be seen as just a racing incident ;)
  17. Well Lets be clear about one thing...please ignore Yves cut in the first 10 seconds of his video.......LOL


    Just get out here and drive guys! Waiting is not helping you much in the end. You gotta get your feet wet!
  18. Hi, I am like you, I have had Race for a while, and just love to drive the BMWs, and I get really frustrated to the sillyness and the inability and lack of respect of fellow drivers to anticipate where people might brake and turn and such, and importantly giving people the space needed on public servers. I can drive the BMWs rather well. When I say that I mean stable and finish - though not particularly fast!

    I would like to be able to develop my skills driving these cars and knowledge of better car set ups. I have the beginners guide but can not seem to quite get the grasp of what is actually needed to get the car stable and not react to the curbs so violently. I figure that practice sessions and general open races would be the most ideal place to practice these techniques.

    As even the AI can be a pain at times, as I'll admit I am not to sure on the braking distances with the BMWs whilst keeping them stable, for example, I really love to drive the BMWs around Imola, and when at speed The first lef hand corner I will brake at the start of the tyre wear marks on the track as I can not slow down fast enough braking at the 100, I also brake at the 100 marker on the downhill section after the chicane, and so particularly the honda always ended up ramming me off as it brakes later! Though this is driving on the Pro difficulty (no assists).
  19. Since starting this thread, I've participated in two club events. It really was a great time, and much better than AI. During practice, you can go to the "Race Monitor" in your menu and watch how other drivers take the track.

    These guys are REALLY FAST so as long as you stay out of the way when you get a blue flag, and don't drive recklessly, it's fine.
  20. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Now that you brought up the blue flag.... I would suggest that unless you have voice and can communicate with the faster driver, keep to your line and let the faster driver make his move on you. If you try and move out of his way while he is making a move, you might put yourself right back in front of him.