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new, with dumb Q's to ask

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Joseph Fabian, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. so I am interested in trying out fsr. I am a regular in iracing f1 series but since my pro attempts this year are over I want to try this. but I have never used rfactor and am very clueless.
    so my questions are, I want to test out the fsr car and rfactor, so how do I go about this? how do I get rfactor? is it rfactor or rfactor2 I'm looking for? what mods etc do I have to download? will it cost much?
    thanks in advance guys!
  2. Hello Joseph :)

    -You can buy rFactor here
    -This season we are using rFactor (we expected to use rFactor 2, but it's still beta)
    -About the mod, you have all the info here. Basically, it's a downloader tool, simply put the files into the rFactor folder, and run the downloader.
    -The mod is obviously free, and you can also test on the FSR server, which is open to everybody. If you want to take part in our official series, you can check the pricing and payment instructions here.
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  3. Hi David,

    Where do I get the server info, I would like to run some test laps. Thank you.
  4. Thank you a lot, I don`t know how did I missed that?
  5. thankyou very much David :). the link for buying has all the different places to buy and I assume being Australian I would need the one that sais world? but both of the links no longer sell it. would ebay be fine too?
  6. ahah never mind I saw you can just download it!
  7. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Check for a file named Multiplayer.ini in the following directory: rFactor/UserData/YourUser

    Then, open the file and where it says Concurrent Server Updates, change its value to 1000, and the server should show up.
  8. OK, I`ll try as you described. Thank you!
  9. ok got it all up and running. but my steering is screwed, in order to steer properly in either direction I have to turn my wheel well over 360 degrees which is just dumb. I have put the sensitivity to max. what else can I do? I am 4s off pace because of it.
    also I set the graphics to max but it's still very poor compared to all the videos I have seen of fsr on YouTube. any way I can improve it?
  10. Have you tweaked the steering lock on the setup ? How many steering degrees are you using on the profiler? About the graphics, it's a 2005 based game :) don't expect anything spectacular. The videos have probably some filters to make it good looking.