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New wheels

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by muzarati, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Is there a modder out there that can make some new 16 spoke rims for this mod? might help to make it look a bit more up to date?
  2. I can confirm the new mod will have all the rims used in the series. Even the new controls..
  3. Also we a template so we can paint them ;)?
  4. I don't think we need to worry about any important details being left out by ORSM. This mod is special to the team, so they wont be doing things in half measures:good:.
  5. Yes Dave,

    when we release it you will be able to paint them.... And to make it easier, we might even combine some of the rims onto 1 template for you too, but only if you ask nicely!!!
  6. Does that mean If I ask nicely we can get this mother finished?
  7. Well, have you asked nicely recently???
  8. Ok so there's nice and there's "NICE". I probably draw the line at your definition of "NICE". ;)
  9. Yeah... so does my wife!!!!
  10. hehe,

    Back on topic...... The new mod will include all the wheels used by the V8Supercar Teams and each will be paintable for the skinners out there.
  11. Can you also include the old ones, from the current mod.
  12. I was thinking about a set to keep us going until this is released?
  13. Like I said, any modders out able to do this?
  14. I take it you mean besides us?
  15. Hi Dave

    The plan is to include all the rims that have been used in the series over the last 10 years.
    So essentially, there will be:
    - 5 Spoke Oz
    - 5 Spoke Speedline
    - 6 Spoke Perkins designed
    - 8 Spoke 888 designed
    - 12 Spoke Team Dynamic Control Rims and
    - 16 Spoke Oz rims (as used by Most Holden teams)

    All rims will be available in Polished alloy, but also can be painted.

    To release them now would mean a major upgrade to the old V8Factor.

    I am sure you all would prefer our time to be devoted to getting the VE and FG out as the wheels are already set up in the new Mod.
  16. Is there anything people like me could do to help?
  17. Not really.

    It's all about the team getting time to complete it, and at this stage, with the time of the year and work commitments these are always going to remain the priority.