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New Wheel User - Need Advice

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by xreyuk, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've only just started using my G25 for F1 2012. I've previously used the wheel on GT5 for PS3, and on Euro Truck Simulator 2.

    I've only previously played F1 2010 on PS3, using a controller and automatic gears with assists.

    Obviously, F1 2012 with a wheel is a bit different, and I'm wanting to play the game without any assists, on manual, using the wheel.

    Would you guys recommend just trying to start off with all assists off and learning that way? Or would you recommend getting used to using the wheel and doing gear shifts, and then reduce ABS & traction control?


    P.S Any suggestions for G25 setup is appreciated, but I'm aware of the G27 settings thread.
  2. Don't use any assists and take it easy. Gear shifting completely changes the dynamic of racing and gives a huge amount more control to you in any racing game which is designed well...

    As for ABS, just brake earlier into corners until you get used to it. The most important part of a corner is the exit, not how late on the brakes you are and with ABS you'll learn bad habits which will haunt you when you finally try to take it off. Brake earlier, experiment and learn lines, and only after you're confident with that, start braking later. Many people do it the other way round and end up going deeper into corners losing time; if you do that, it wont be so obvious what you can do to improve.

    Traction control might help a bit on corner exits if you're slamming the accelerator down but you have good pedals so can manage without it. There is no learning if you're in little danger. :)

    Honestly, you'll learn a lot quicker without all of these gubbins, just taking it easy; just think about how you've taken previous corners and how to improve. If you do a bat out of hell straight away you wont have time to think about these things. :)

    If you're used to GT5, with F1 2012 in the dry, you're better off braking hard and letting off as you approach the corner rather than GT5 which was gently applying the brake iirc. Oh and even if you make the corner, it still doesn't mean that it can't be done faster carrying less speed through it; this game understeers so point and squirt works brilliantly.

    As for setup, I use the G27 and have the feedback set to 100-100-60 on the menu and 306 degrees rotation and it's wonderful. :D

    Hope this helps,
    Mark. :)
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply, really appreciate it.

    I'll give those a go, and try those settings (there are so many different ones on the net!). Quick question regarding your setup, do you get any kind of feedback when the wheels lock, or when the rear wheels start slipping?

    Any other input would be appreciated too :)
  4. When they lock, not a huge amount, you have to notice that more by where the car is going whilst you're turning/visually sadly (Could be wrong, I just can't remember how I know they're about to lock). When the wheels slip though, yes.
  5. Thanks. The way the wheel is at the moment, I can't feel anything through the steering wheel when the rears slip, all I can see is it happening on the screen. Don't run any mods do you?

    Thanks again :)
  6. Nope... maybe I'm not remembering things right...I could've sworn the steering goes lighter though.