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New Wheel - But what to buy?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jonathan Holmes, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Jonathan Holmes

    Jonathan Holmes

    Hey guys,

    I'm fairly new here but dug out my wheel the other day and started playing rFactor and the Formula Sim Racing mod, absolutely love it, hoping to enter some tournaments and things soon. My birthday is fast approaching (24th :laugh:) and I'm wondering what to get with the money I will receive! (No presents I don't think seeing as I haven't said a single thing I want.)

    At the moment I'm currently using a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel from a very long time ago, 1999/2000 I got this wheel! It still works and is in glorious condition still! The force feedback cuts off going over a rumble strip in rFactor, wasn't sure if the game causes this or just the wheel is old and not fully compatible with it.

    So my friend is getting back into racing and he just purchased the Fanatec CSR Value pack off their website. I've looked into it so much and read many reviews. But from browsing on here I'm seeing there are many faults (or has it been changed now seeing as it's June and i was reading 2011 posts) and complaints about it?

    Thought you guys might be able to point me in the right direction, the only problem is, I would like the wheel to work on Xbox 360 and PC as they're the main places I play. Would the CSR be a good place to head for? I want one which will last me along time like this one has and will provide many hours of play! Not sure whether I like the look of the Porsche wheel with the strange buttons, but a wheel with 4+ buttons on the front is what I would like (I use all 6 on the MS wheel I have).

    Also, for those people who have the CSR, what is the wheel clamp like? Many people say it's rubbish? I can't seem to find a decent video showing it so it's probably easier to post here too!

    Thanks in advance and you're a hero if you read all of this :roflmao:

    If you don't read it all: I want a new wheel for xbox and pc, what is a good recommendation, the Fanatec CSR Value pack?
  2. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel Gonzalez

    If you want to use your wheel on the Xbox your choices are pretty limited. The Fanatec wheels offer the option of allowing their custom load cell pedal sets to be used on consoles in conjunction with their wheels. As far as I'm aware the only fully compatable wheel for the 360 is the new Fanatec CSR-E wheel that was released along with Forza 4. If you get them as a set the pedals will plug directly into your wheel and the system will recognize it as one controller. PC you can mix and match wheels and pedals but the 360 limits your options considerably.

    I haven't used the CSR-E wheel myself so not sure about the clamping system but i DO own a set of the CSR-E pedals and I'm very happy with them.

    If your heart is set on racing on the 360 go with the Forza fanatec pack.

    CSR: http://www.fanatec.de/webshop/new_u...d=105&osCsid=773e9d617a45e6e2167373442ec30c1e

    250ish ^ Comes with wheel/ standard pedals (no load cell)

    CSR-E: http://www.fanatec.de/webshop/new_u...d=107&osCsid=773e9d617a45e6e2167373442ec30c1e

    550ish wheel only^
  3. Ian Strom

    Ian Strom

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  4. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel Gonzalez

    Thanks Ian! For the life of me I couldn't find that value pack with the elite pedals, was beggining to think it wasn't available anymore.
  5. Takumi69


    The wheel clamp is not perfect, this is a combination of the design of the clamp and the fact that the rubber feet underneath the wheel are quite soft. But if you adjust it, that the wheel just slides tight on to the table without any play, before closing the quick release levers it holds the wheel into position.
    I had the wheel come loose a few times, before i discovered the way how to mount it, but the same happened to my G25 unless i screwed the clamps brutally down to the total max.
  6. Jari Vinnari

    Jari Vinnari

    You could buy seperate table clamp. You can also attach the wheel with four screws to any flat surface. I have drilled two holes to my desk and will fasten the wheel with two butterfly screws when I want to make sure that the wheel dosent move.