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New way of penalizing drivers (quite interesting idea)

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Hampus Andersson, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. It´s just in the talk-stage for now but i quite like this idea.

    If a driver does something wrong to invoke a penalty, FIA can cut that drivers power for about 10 laps.
    So he´s still in the race but with less horsepower then everyone else.


    It might not happen at all but could be interesting.
  2. In my opinion is good idea but I don`t believe this will happen in next years.
  3. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    So they are going to steal Mr. Crammond's idea? :p

    It won't work in Monaco tough ;)
  4. Well, I guess it beats the drive through, which is kind of unfair because it heavily depends on the track and how long the pit lane is: whereas it really costs a lot of time at Monza for example, it barely matters at Silverstone.
  5. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

    That's just asking for a conspiracy theory

    Alonso's out in the lead with a 20 second gap then all of a sudden he starts going slower :sneaky:
  6. Ridiculous
  7. Could be variable :)

    Like 100hp in Monaco, and 25 in Monza etc.
    I´d take it over a drive-through and gearbox penalty.

    Instead of 5 place grid penalty, remove X horses for one race.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. F1 = LOL
  10. Well.

    I doubt the drivers will need that horsepower after the race is over, so they might want to start investigating the incidents during the race.

    Preferably before half the race has gone by.

    To be honest this is just calling for trouble. Plus, what is this? The driver still has the chance to defend his position?

    It's a damn penalty. It's meant to actually give the driver a punishment. There's no point to it if he can still fight for position.
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  11. Who makes up these horrible ideas? FIA should plunge it straight into the garbage bin, throw it out of the window and burn it with a flamethrower until the sidewalk melts.
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  12. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

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