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New video series "Top 5 overtakes of the week"

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by etiienne, Oct 30, 2014.

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  2. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    "Coming from nowhere" a.k.a. the corner-cutting dive-bomb.

    #1 isn't too pretty either.
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  3. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    is that on sp or multi ?

  4. Never was it corner cutting but ok, its your opinion.

    Yes its multiplayer :)
  5. Nonetheless it was a really harsh/risky maneuver.
    That's something I wouldn't do in real life for sure.
    Maybe that's why we are unfortunately plagued by rammers and wreckers. If you play a simulator, which should SIMULATE reality, you should also get in the mentality that you're running a "real race" with all attached.
    I normally take extra-care when overtaking and when I'm in someone else's wake, because I know that I'm not the fastest-always-in-control driver out there and I assume that noone would want to see his car trashed all of a sudden because of my actions.
    It might happen, of course, that because of a mistake I can end mine and other drivers race... but hey there's a big difference in trying to "safely overtaking" and "overtaking as there's no tomorrow".
    From that overtake of yours it's more like you're thinking: "Crash? Who cares. Next public server please!" but then what for the other driver? Would it say the same if he ended up flipping in the air and all over the tarmac?
    You wanna do it on SP: no problem... AI is not that susceptible... but online...
    The line between fair and reckless driving is not thin: it's pretty wide and well defined.
    Race responsibly!
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  6. I just wana say a overtake should be decided out of the corner not into it. by that i mean put your focus on getting out of the corner onto the straight , if you come up behind someone and break as late as possible and force yourself ahead you are 'dive bombing' which is frowned upon in racing. I have seen so many accidents where the driver behind says "you broke early" that is never a valid excuse.
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  7. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Except, apparently, in Formula One where there have been several incidents over the last decade or so of the driver in front being blamed for causing the incident by braking too early... I guess it depends who has the richest team, huh? :poop:

    I agree, in my view, the guy running into the back of someone is ALWAYS to blame in racing. It looks like the FIA don't always think that these days. :O_o:
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  8. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    In #2 the driver is about 5 car lengths behind the car in front when entering the braking zone. Not only does he beat the car ahead to the apex but also manages to cut not one, but two curbs in order to make this incredibly reckless move stick.

    I'll stick to my original evaluation: a corner-cutting dive-bomb.

    #2 & #1 are plain overly aggressive and inconsiderate. I wouldn't want to race with people who think those type of overtakes are acceptable in any way.

    Ah yes, I've been accused of this a few times. Actually, the other night someone told me and another driver that we braked "waaaay too early" even though we both finished 1st and 2nd, ahead of the accuser. An intelligent and skilled driver should be able to easily pass an early braker.

    As far as I'm concerned you should always be prepared for the guy in front to brake earlier than you. People have different driving styles, braking points, setups etc....

    I think some drivers are great hot-lappers but lack a bit of race craft when other people are on the track.
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  9. When there is such a big gap as it is in the video, then i have to go for it.
    And it was no corner cutting, or did you see any slow down penalty?
  10. Slow down penalty is not fully balanced atm and if I'm not wrong it doesn't give you an immediate penalty but first you need to do a couple or so of infractions (?).
    Anyway a gap or space where to overtake is always tempting: but one's "racing awareness" should determine whether it's too risky, not too risky or legit.
    Anyway... rankings and point system will be introduced...
    The Big Sieve will bring us the Truth :D
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  11. If the driver is who I think it is, the guy is really, really good. He is one of the top time time attack players in most races.

    If he causes wrecks that is obviously a different story, but I think he is just way better than us mere mortals.

    Like I said I don't know, but if he is Etiienne from the leaderboard, he is out of most peoples league in time attack. but I have no history of the guy or know him.
  12. Seriously no offense and I repeat: NO OFFENSE... but from what I saw around in previous race events (and also with friends of mine as well) those who spend most of their time attacking don't do good on the track as much as experienced long-stint racers.
    Sure, they're fast and all, but in the actual races they often cause accidents, due to the fact they're too much used to THEIR trajectories and having no cars around.
    Plus in R3E time attack mode you don't have mechanical damages, no tyres consumption and steady temperature (WTCC Civic tyres are stable on 95 - checked with DashMeterPro); you've the entire track for yourself and you can restart and repeat everytime you want.
    I'm not saying this Etienne is a bad driver or that he can't but Time Attacking (just to clarify), but I was kind of questioning his way of overtaking and putting at risk other player's race because of a "Time Attack approach" to a MP Race, simple as that.
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  13. Oh look, another pissed off baddie. Stick to singleplayer buddy.
  14. If you're referring to my comment where did I say I'm pissed off?
  15. Absolutely agree. :)

    I just don't know if he feels he is in complete control while doing it. If he does, then like most when they are that good they are on a different level. I can barely get those cars around a track in time attack if I am trying to beat a good time :)
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  16. It's really, really rare in these days to find civilized and polite gentlemen you can actually talk with; and I'm positively surprised by the quiet tone this discussion has maintained.
    Different points of view expressed in a very peaceful manner. Hat tip to you @etiienne: I wish all the discussions were like this.
    Thanks again
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  17. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    For me it's about good sportsmanship and those last two overtakes could have resulted in accidents. I'm all for hard racing and taking chances but there is a fine line between that and being impatient and barging through corners.

    I agree with Emilio that the hotlapper mentality is quite prevalent online which is perhaps understandable as that's all we could do in R3E for so long. Once the game gets some more sim features for online play then maybe we will see a shift to more considered racing i.e. looking after tyres, gearbox, damage etc.
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  18. Damage is the big one. People would think twice before going crazy and wreck their car in the process of a bad line or hard racing.

    Penalty system needs a lot of work nothing deal breaking but ... I was playing online one time and i barely drove over the line at one point ( it might have happened more than once during the race ) i got a 40 second penalty, then i was driving slow trying to serve it, then out of nowhere i get another 20s added .. I have no idea how or why. Could just have been a bug.
    Or the ever infamous drive through penalty when you get pushed/rammed way out of the track.
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  19. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    To be honest, the R3E AI drivers smash me off the track all the time, so you can't practice against them like you can the AC AI drivers, for example. They just don't care that you're in the way and send you flying into the wall, or t-bone you in the corners or sideswipe you off the track if you're on an outlap and they're hotlapping and think you're on their line.

    If I drove the way they do I'd have my RD Licence revoked. :roflmao: