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New video card.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Piotrek Blaszczak, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Piotrek Blaszczak

    Piotrek Blaszczak
    Premium Member

    Hi i would like to change my video card.Now i use a Radeon 7870 and Intel 4570.What do you thig because it chose beetween Radeon RX 480 and Gefroce GTX 1060.Yes i watch lot of benchmarks and 1060 is faster but RX have a 8Gb , and I don't like change anything every two or three years.Yes its true.Today we don't have any racing title with DX12 and I play on simulation games.Thank you very much for any tips and help
  2. PicoBp

    #26 | HSRC - Banzaaaiii Touring Car Crew Premium Member

    If you want to future proof, get a 1070, even if you have to put away a bit more money for it. In case you want something now, get the 1060 (better compatibility with sims).
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  3. Although, if you have a Freesync monitor, the RX480 will shine. I was going to purchase 1070 last week, but couldn't spend that much in the end. I opted for the MSI RX480 8gb Twin Frozr (just over half the price of the 1070) so I can use Freesync on my LG34UM68 monitor and I came from a GTX770 and it is real upgrade for me. Freesync really does make a difference too. Raceroom is so smooth and fluid now.
  4. Performance is about the same, price is less and the Radeon's performance with Vulkan is better.