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New versions under Linux

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ocirne94, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Hello world,
    I had been using Racer 0.5.4 beta under Kubuntu 9.10 for maybe two months, when I found out something about people who managed to run newer versions under Linux using wine. So, I'm wondering: why has Linux support for newer versions stopped? And, is there a native newer version for Linux?
    Thanks in advance for your answers,
  2. i agree.why the progress of mac and linux version stopped.
  3. I believe its because Ruud's Mac and Linux computers are outdated (or something like that I think, not sure)
  4. I am pretty sure that is exactly it. He did get an x86 Mac Mini a while back IIRC but with GMA950... Yea. And running Linux on his main windows devving PC would require lots of downtime rebooting. It would add up to way too much time in the end.
  5. So all Linux and Mac users have to do a huge work to get it run - also, not so well - under Wine?
    Wouldn't it be very very much easier that the developer got a mate to test and compile for Linux and Mac?
  6. Thx!
    Yep, I'm able to run the win version under wine, but I don't see why has support for other OS stopped...grr