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New version 0.8.9 is out!

Discussion in 'Racer' started by frank11, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Yay! Shame there's no proper release doc yet.
  2. default car came with many bugs.

  3. Hrm... my computer won't run the CSM (ATI Radeon HD 4350):
    can't create CG fragment shader program
    CG ERROR: "The compile returned an error."
    data/renderer/shaders_hdr_csm/shadowmap_debug_f.cg(20) : error C1115: unable to find compatible overloaded function "tex2DARRAY(sampler2DARRAY,float3)"

    Without CG I still get a problem:
  4. Is it CG only?

    I'm having the same problem as Stereo!
  5. very big problem with graphic view

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  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    And for once I'm having non of those cg/graphics problems xD
  7. I've got enough Qlog errors to build a village with,
    and I'm not sure if it looks bad or not. It stops at the loading screen.
  8. Huh.. I got it running ONCE.. after tweaking and tweaking.. oh.. and tweaking.. away most CG stuff.. so, next load.. a friggin *skidmark_v.cg* messes up everything.. I mean.. skidmarks! I turned off skidmarks in the ini, but it still insists.. if I can get around that.. then it is possible to run 089 without CG.. yupp.. (It did run once after all.. so...) - see attached image..

    EDIT: For sure, it is the skidmark_v.cg that crashes Racer 089. Everything works fine if I drive straight forward, but if I turn just a little.. *kaboom* - the dreaded blackbox.. and so.. yes, my QLOG is flooded with only ONE message: "Fri Jun 04 01:11:15 (WARN): [racer/1292] data/renderer/shaders_hdr/skidmark_v.cg: CG ERROR : "The profile is not supported.""

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  9. Ruud, did you accidentally the whole thing?
  10. hahahha LMFAO

    btw, i noticed it cant load alpha channels

    well, backing for my old and good v088
  11. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Strangely it only works properly for me when I'm in the Lambo... oh well, just like AMGfan, I'm going back to 088 :D
  12. I will download new drivers and try. =D Nvidia released 257.12 version
  13. Well.. I guess you are the lucky guys who can go back.. there was a Win7 update.. after that I can't even run 088 anymore.. it just crashes. I can't complete the track if I can test-run it! So pleeeeeeeaaaaase Ruud.. get rid of that "ridiculous" skidmark shader bug.. please.. otherwise I am totally out of luck..
  14. Sorry for the photoshop.
    If you want shadow maps = fs_filter1=bloom_shadows_f.cg
  15. Thank you Ruud! and Mitch! It's good to see that you've been hard at work these many months that we've been without an update.

    There's a lot to read up on guys, but that's good! If you can't get your cars to work try changing the old dyn_bump shaders to
    That's all I needed to get my 308GTB working.

    If you can't get your tracks to work just copy the special.ini settings from Carlswood from the GFX section to the start of the surfaces section to your own track.
    You will need to change your ambient levels as well.
    There is a totally new particle system, learn it-love it.
    The tires are MUCH better!
    I'm still exploring but this is really cool stuff. :)

    Alex Forbin
  16. First bug report:
    The external car camera keeps wanting to go to the external cinematic camera even when the track camera is selected after a certain amount of time.
    The cars external cinematic camera is WAY too fast, it makes me want to call it the "vomit cam" ;) Any chance of ini controls?
    The "dyn_standard_bump_speca" shaders don't seem to like the new shadows they appear to "stick" to tires for instance as they rotate. It appears as though you were using a static shader instead of a dynamic one.

    Alex Forbin
  17. I just borrowed the bump mapping stuff from the Murcielago, seems to work just fine for me. There are some small bugs, like the alpha channels not working on somethings. but I think its nice, the cameras for me do seem to stick at times, sometimes I'll goto a cinematic camera then want to change, and it won't let me get back to the car. Oh well. (screenie, just cause)
  18. deleted
  19. Sounds good, but this is where a 'best practice' shader set up needs using, and having a few that work for the older cars too.

    Is the shader folder any cleaner? (not d/l yet, will have to when I get home)

    Looking forward to tinkering with this now, a few important features that I hope will impact how I author my current track (wrt shadows) moving forward :)