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New URD Prototype Mod

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Dave R, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. URD has a new mod out that's in beta (not a full set of cars yet). The PX Mod. I bought it yesterday and just a fair word of warning, it's pricier than the EGT or T5 mods (9.90). Check their website for details. It's a great start and the cars look and drive great. They state on their FB page that development will follow for Assetto Corsa as well.
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  2. Looks very promising, will wait with the pre-order though. Any idea what the other cars are?
  3. From the description page.

    PX package will include a total of 12 cars that will be divided into 2 series wich are PX1 & PX2.

    Cars that will be available are Aura, Darche, Shiro, Moyoda, Revolution, Loire, Skeloc, ByRacing, Revolution, UPX...

    I know Aura is Audi and Darche is Porsche (from the EGT and T5 mods) but not sure what the others are.
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  4. p1: shiro = nissan, moyoda = toyota, revolution = rebellion
    p2: loire = ligier? skeloc = oreca? im just guessing at these tbh
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  5. I appreciate the guesses Yusupov.
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  6. Does anyone know what the difference is between EnduranceRX PX1 and PX1 in the opponent filter, they both seem to select the same cars but I feel there must be a reason for having two?
  7. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    There is no difference :).
  8. Vincent.C

    Another WEC driver ! Premium

    What's this name code ? Omg. Dev's, what are you doing ?
  9. ok we have to guess what we've bought.....
    stupid code names, because they sell mods in real money without any authorization or licenses...
  10. Vincent.C

    Another WEC driver ! Premium

    Loire = LoLa ?
  11. i race a Darsche in the NordSchlumme tourist, very good mod.
    i tried the shiro in SpoFrochurchamp, very nice too.

    Assitu Corchew , what a good game with good mods.
  12. Vincent.C

    Another WEC driver ! Premium

    NordSchlumme tourist = Nordschleife Tourist
    SpoFrochurchamp = ?

    Not so crazzy, I don't understand :)
  13. I appreciate the guesses lelinuxien52.