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WIP new track saksantie 18.1km

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by madmike, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. here is the video on the stage:good: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSbeHUlJ4Gk[/ame] still lot to work new road textures and lot of special objects:arrogant:
  2. here is first testdrive link http://rapidshare.com/files/270493581/ss_3_saksantie_test_1.rar.html can someone download this and but the file megaupload and but link here? when the track is loading there is some error messages but its work still fine:) i hope you like? post comment here:) its really fast maybe too fast:) flat out all the time:) but i like fast stages driving limit you know:)sorry my bad english:)
  3. Nice work!:good:
  4. Hey! thanks for the track its very nice, very fast, can someone build the pace notes for this track???

    Congratulations for you for a exelent work!!!!
  5. thanks:) the pacenotes is coming in next release:) and i do some small changes on the track:wink2:
  6. I have generated these pacenotes automatically. Not tested, sorry.
    Just copy pacenotes.ini to the root folder of the track (where the original pacenotes.ini can be found)

    I have tested your track, and wow! it looks awesome
    You can be very proud. It is impressive

    I have changed the pacenotes because they appeared too late.

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  7. I already commented this on youtube, but it's worth saying few words in here too.

    This is easily the best Finnish (or Finnish-like) track made to this date. Framerate is very good even though the stage is 18 km long. For my computer, there is only a few parts (the very wooded place and about two places where there is a lot of bushes) where the FPS drop. But it really doesn't affect my driving.

    Crests and jumps are very real. They are not too sharp, but very smooth and well done. There are a couple of jumps that you really have to take carefully (even brake a bit before the jump) - not every jump is possible to drive flat out. That makes it very real.

    Corners, cambers and ditches are very well made. There are many great corners and corner combinations. On some parts the ditches are a bit sharp, but it's understandable (sometimes in real life they are also sharp if the ditches are brand new or they've been "fixed" - for example 2008 Rally Finland stage Väärinmaja had these kind of ditches on one section).

    There are also few "places", aka crash corners that catch you very often. Just like a real Finnish stage in this sense too! :D

    All in all, a very good track and I'm looking forward to your other stages too. :)
  8. I see one big failing, corner of ditches need more ancor points. Becouse corner to hard brae. In real life, ground can't look like that, maybe only beton...
    And next, stenogram is bad... You must to fixs all turns and in correct places, when can cut, from witch side must drived...
  9. here again, and work continues:wink2:

    here is the updated video on the stage:good: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffxXeV9LJ_M[/ame]

    still lot work to do:bulgy-eyes:
  10. Madmike, that's great to have new infos about this nice stage! Thanks!
    It looks very good and with a good FPS level! Nice stage is good but drivable stage without lag is more important! :laugh2: Good job!
  11. I upgraded the video and I made small changes to terrain textures!

    Next, I thought to change the sky and more changes terrain textures:good:

    Watch the new video and tell me what you like:)
  12. thanks! I have a one-year old computer E8400 ATI HD4870 Sonic Dual edit. 4gb and works perfectly:good:
  13. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffxXeV9LJ_M[/ame]
  14. Sorry, my post was not clear. I mean that you're stage is great and drivable...:). Do you plan to release first Tuomioja or Saksantie?
  15. I publish both at the same time!

    of course until I get them finished, but still so much work to do:freaked-out:

    but we are close to ready:wink2: