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New to this & have a few questions...

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Zzyzx, Mar 30, 2014.

    1. I like to make sure I turn all the assists off so I went into the PLR file and set them all at "0". However in-game, under "Amateur" etc it always lists the ones that would be on anyway. If they are off in the PLR file does that mean they are off for good?
    2. I tried to turn Autopit off in the PLR file but the game always turns it on again. Any way around this?
    3. In GSC2013 I like to set my car to AI control so I can use him as a reference. I've set the button up in the options but it never works in-game. What am I doing wrong?
    4. Is there a trackmap in GT Legends?
    5. When watching the other cars I can't find their cockpit view. Is there one?
    Many thanks! :cool:
  1. It sounds like you are not able to make changes to your player file. I suspect it may be due to you not running the game as administrator but I'm running XP which doesn't have this issue so can't be much more help.

    You can see which aids are on by going to chase view and looking at the HUD which shows the aids which are on. You can use the function keys to turn aids on and off in game.

    There is no track map in GTL as supplied. Not sure if there is a third party add-on.

    There is no cockpit view for the AI.
  2. Well if I turn off the assists in the PLR file, run the game, then go back, they are still at "0" so I assume I am editing the PLR file succesfully. It is only the autopit option that resets.

    I will try the chase view thing regarding the assists.

    How about allowing the AI driver to take over my car? Does anyone know what that problem is?

  3. Set the file to Read Only in Properties otherwise the game just re-writes over your settings when you load the game up next.
  4. This is the settings you need, taken from our FAQ (Pit Stops) :


    Force Autopit Off="1" // Forces autopit always off (unsupported, use at your own risk)
    No AI Control="1" // AI never has control over car (except autopit)
    Pitcrew Push="1" // When out of fuel in pitlane, allows pitcrew to push car (use throttle and gear selection to direct)
    Pit Spot Marker="1" // Show marker to indicate corner pit spot location

    Check to make sure you have all of the lines changed.
  5. ^^^ Thanks I'll try that. I hadn't used the Force Autopit Off function because it said 'use at your own risk'.