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New to the game, trying to understand pace notes

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Stereo, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Hi guys. I just bought the game (it was cheap and well-recommended), drove through most of the training school fairly easily - need more practice on the final stage - so I figured I would try out a championship.

    Over the course of the British stages, I thought I had the hang of pacenotes - hairpin/k/medium/fast/easy telling me how sharp the turns are, and the numbers in between describing the straights. But then it moved to Hokkaido... particularly, recce'ing Pirka Menoko. And suddenly taking corners at the speed the GB pacenotes suggested isn't working. Fast turns are maybe 70km/h instead of 100+, mediums are down to 40km/h from 60... the notes just aren't matching how I expect the road to be.

    I don't expect to set an amazing pace the first time out on a course, but how do you get used to the difference in pace? And how much variation should I be expecting on what 'fast' means?

    Also, I can kinda see what I should be doing to turn in on the fast (left-foot brake or just lift-off oversteer) and slow (handbrake & Scandinavian flick) turns but which techniques work for medium speed corners? It seems like I have to turn the wheel farther than on either fast or slow corners, just to keep the car turning, and it's harder to get a powerslide to go where I want it.
  2. Michael Nelson

    Michael Nelson

    I always found the descriptive pacenotes confusing, so I switched to a number system instead. It doesn't mitigate the inconsistencies between stages (the BTB tracks are particularly bad), but I think it's easier to adjust to numbers than to description.

    You can download some pacenote mods from here: http://forum.rallyesim.fr/viewforum.php?f=69

    I think I use the Nicky Grist one, which is numbered.

    Alternatively, you can use this mod which converts the default pacenotes to a numbered system: http://www.kegetys.fi/rbr/?p=numnotes

    Hope it helps.
  3. If you use the Numnotes mod, be careful NOT to use the provided installer to swap pacenote calls, it will cause you grief with your game. You need to manually copy the calls across.
    To do this, choose which version you prefer, increasing or decreasing, then copy the specific pacenote calls (.ogg files) to your RBR/Audio/Speech/Pacenote folder.
    Also, make sure to make a backup of your original Pacenote folder first in case you want to go back to the originals.
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  4. Hmm, I don't feel I've particularly encountered this problem... maybe it's due to different grip levels? Or perhaps on the Japanese stages you can generally 'cut' corners more... IDK though :p. I'll need to boot up RBR and take a look myself...

    I find for Medium corners that I brake 'normally' to get to the right speed, and when I get to the turn in point, I turn in hard and carry the brake through the corner, at the same time giving it a boot-full of throttle to get the back end out. That's the best description of what I do that I can come up with XD. This technique (brake + throttle) comes from one of the rally school stages, and I do it on the 'fast' corners too, just to a lesser extent - depending on the length of the straight up to the 'fast' corner, I may just dab the brakes or perhaps brake a little longer before getting back on the throttle.
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  5. Yep, that is the "left foot braking" lesson / technique, and I do something very similar for those types of turns. It's mainly a matter of learning (by practice) how much balance of brake and throttle to apply depending on the turn.
    It also may depend on what type of car you are driving, for FWD you need lots of power / throttle to pull you through the turn, but for 4WD, the balance can be a bit more subtle.:)
  6. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    I understood the pacenotes the same as numerical pacenotes but with different names, I think they go like this:

    hairpin: 1st gear
    K: 2nd gear corner
    medium: 3rd gear
    fast: 4th
    easy: 5th
    flat: 6th

    you can get used to them and they become very easy, I think the gears are the same in every country, except they become tighter and wider in some countries. Japan = narrower corners but you can still do them in 3rd. USA wider corners and you can do them in 3rd too (offcourse some corners you can do much faster in other gear or you have to take it a gear down, some corners are wrong), that's the main difference I guess between countries and corners. In Japan you have to give yourself a little more margin for error if you enter the corners in the supposed gear the codriver calls, you can try them in a lower gear and rev the car more. Good luck!
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  7. Exactly my thinking as well :thumbsup:
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  8. I use num notes: 1 = 1st gear, 2 =2 nd etc etc.... seems to help the rbr pacenotes just did my head in. All i remember about them is having to say to my self something stupid like 'fast is slow john, fast is slo...dammit CFH
  9. I think that there might also be 'square' corners, which are (as it sounds) 90 degree turns. Also 2nd gear, and they're usually 'cuttable'.
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  10. Whilst the pacenote calls can be used as a guide to which gear to use, it's not adviseable to be too rigidly tied to this method. Often the weather conditions, or track surface can make things different.
    In addition, the car choice can make the gear selections quite different eg. it may depend on the revs / gear range and also how much torque the car has.

    At best, the pacenote calls should only be a guide to the sharpness of the turn, then you need to make a judgement about which gear to use.
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  11. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    yes :) forgot them, I think as you say, they're called 90 left or right. low gears for sure.
  12. I use numnotes, I like it with 1 = slow 6 = flat. Nice an easy
  13. I asked a couple of questions about the base pacenote list of "The Beast", and since it's about the tool mainly, they're better located there than they would be here. But I acknowledge that some of you reading this thread may very well know some answers, or perhaps some of you may want to learn something. Either way, it's there.

  14. I used the Nicky Grist pacenotes from this link: http://forum.rallyesim.fr/viewforum.php?f=69 but I can't get them to work. I've downloaded the pacenote manager, ran it and applied the nicky grist pacenote to the game. All like described in the instructions. However they don't work ingame. Could it be that I have the wrong patch? I think I have 1.0.2 or something like that. I really can't complete a stage without crashing, using the default pacenotes. I first played dirt 3 where you have numeric ones, I'm used to that system and I prefer it as it's much clearer.
  15. Have you tried switching the co-driver language to French?
  16. No, how do I do that? In Pacenotes Manager or in the game itself?
  17. Start the original game, go to options>pacenotes>change flag at the bottom to the language you want.
  18. But why should I change the language to french if I want Nicky Grist's pacenotes?
  19. You're asking questions when all you should do is obey my commands.

    Or are you perhaps implying that the solution didn't work for you? In that case, tell us more, things like:

    1) Are you playing RBR as it was intended, or with RSRBR?
    2) If you're playing the original RBR, do you have the contents of Audio.dat extracted as a separate folder named "Audio" yet?

    Once we know the answers, the rest will be child's play.
  20. It didn't work, now I just get French pacenotes.

    I'm playing the normal RBR, and I haven't extracted the contents of audio.dat yet. How do you do that?