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new to rfactor- help:)

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Amir Margalit, May 14, 2010.

  1. i heard about this game a long time ago but only got it today. it is very very impressive . i didn't know how many mods were made to this game . a few questions that i have and didn't find answers to:
    - when driving the car manualy with autoclutch on and manuael gear every time i change the gear up the revs rise like the clutch dosen't work. when i downshift there is no problem. any idea how to solve it?
    - how do i unlock all the cars? is there a crack for that?
    - looking fwd to replies and looking fwd to race with you guys. ( haven't played anything besides gtl for a long time)
  2. To unlock all cars go ingame and type this in chat en press enter and then go back to main menu. And you see you have all cars and lots of credits.


    About the Clutch i dont know. But if you race manual you can also turn autoclutch off?
  3. i use the clutch only for starts usualy. sometimes during a race i use the clutch too. in gtl you can use the manual clutch in autoclutch mod too.
  4. Must be possible. Maybe somebody that uses the clutch can tell you.
  5. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard

    Well having driven with auto clutch myself and manual shifts I know what you are on about, this tends to happen if the MOD hasn't got a fast gear change, and what is happening is the car is engaging the clutch while you are shifting gear, because you have your foot on the throttle the revs rise as they would if you were doing that in a real car, so the only way to solve this issues as far as I know is to come off the throttle for gears changes as you would driving a real car.

    You wont feel this so much on downshifts (it is occasionally posible if the downshift is slow) as the revs naturally rise when doing this.

    Hope this helps.

  6. You blip the throttle always yourself Amir?
  7. Sweet :)

    Have Rfactor since this week myself, works perfectly :)

    Thanks for the tip!
  8. thx for the replies. great tip ivo it worked:)
    as for the clutch i don't blip the throtle. stuart i tried a default car and have the same problem. any more ideas?
  9. how do i activate the fast gear change?
  10. I think some of the mods just don't support a fast gear change (I think). For some of them the autoclutch acts like an anti-stall.
  11. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard

    You can't it's MOD specific, if it has fast changes, like most F1 MODs do then your fine, it's usually the GT and other MOD's that have slower changes where you will notice this reving between shifts.

  12. Yes - some mods have fast gear changes, othes do not.

    Some have an upgrade you can apply to the car you want to drive to simulate a H-shifter gearbox with no gear change delay - just your own ability to change gear fast enough with an autoblip or autoclutch etc.

    Touring Masters is one of those mods :)
  13. i did a small test in the touring car mod at suzuka. it is pure fun. i didn't think you can drift this cars and control it like they do.i thought only gtl allowes you this much fun. it is just brilient. i tried the sierra. is there a setup avaliable for the sierra that i can download? which tyres do you use for the races medium or hard? many questoins i know but i have a lot of catchup to do if i want to be able to race with you guys:)
  14. I always use soft for Q and Medium or Hard for race. Because some cars are better on hard and some are better on Medium. :)
    Btw check the sticky threads he on the rFactor forum. To find some important things wich makes rFactor better and better. :)
  15. The base setups are very good - it's best tweaking those to your liking.
  16. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard

    Ivo, I'm still getting to grips with rFactor myself, anything off the top of your head come to mind as an essential addon for the game excluding Cars and Tracks ... maybe some grapical tweeks or utilities, anything you would recommend?

  17. Good to see you onboard in rF land Amir m8,i know you will have many excellent races with it.

    For FFB i find the settings posted up by Ivo in the rF section are the best for me,RealFeel is very good also,but often not across all mods,some its great,some not so good,but Ivo's settings just work in anything nicely for me,and also for sure plenty other very good info in the rF section here to help tweak your game for the better.
    Quickly get your name in the WTM league and hope for a drive there,its the biggest league of 2010 in my humble opinion :).
  18. Like Gary says FF is the important one. Maybe for some extra info install XD. But the default info is also quite good. After that you can change somethings in your PLR file but thats all personal and not necessary. But for to get the grip with the game the FF is the important on. :)


    Maybe change this also. Because i think 95% dont like it. :)
  19. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard

    Ivo does XD work with rFactor or is it only the RACE series it mentions in the Readme file?

  20. No also works in rFactor. Just drop it in the main folder. :)