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new to rfactor 2 - skin download and usage?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by rocafella1978, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. rocafella1978


    hi all, I am sure some will think I am a complete idiot for asking, but I have just not been able to understand where to install, copy, hot to use a downloaded skin, I have downloaded some URD EGT skins, they come in *.dds and some in just *.mas files. is it like Assetto Corsa, creating a folder somewhere for that specific car? I only found the vehicle in the "packages" folder where I installed them *.rfcmp, but can't find the vehicle in said "UserData" folders, for example:
    URD Bayro vehicle skin, where and how to install DDS files? and or MAS file?
    can i rename a folder or just create a folder and copy files into that folder, for rFactor 2 to recognize the skin in that folder for the URD Bayro vehicle?
    I tried to dig around and look for how URD vehicles are setup for example, when you download them install the package, but could not find the skins folders to any of the URD cars, but they do have skins in game, also alternative skin.
    any help or guidance for ignorance would be greatly appreciated! thanks all.
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  2. BTW: Usually there is an install instruction on the download page.

    Of the uploader did his job correctly. You should unzip it into UserData/player/settings/
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  3. BTW: don't rename or change file names or folders.
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  4. rocafella1978


    will read and educate myself with links provided and ask again if need be :)

    Gijs, thank you very very much! only rF2 helper so far, love the game and think it is so much fun! just have not been able to get graphics settings and all that right, just does not look smooth and there are weird artifacts. (thought rF2 has been left in the dark, since not many replied)

    appreciate your help Gijs, very grateful!