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New to RBR, What preparation before joining in the Rallys?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Anthony Pahl, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I bought RBR back in 2004 and played a little but got diverted by GPL, N2003, GTR2, iRacing, etc. I re-installed it on the weekend, went through all the tutorials and drove some stages. Finding it hard to get through stages cleanly:redface: But enjoying the experience immensely and would love to participate in the RD rallys.

    How should I prepare and how good should I be before I join you guys?
    Do the Aussies race on Tuesday 8.30pm?

    I have installed RSRBR2011, read through all the setup guides, and setup an account in RSCentre.
  2. Hi Anthony, you are most welcome in our Rally Club. :welcome:

    In terms of preparation, you don't need any more I think. If you have RSRBR2011, Updated, Your registered with RSCenter, and running ok, then you are all set. :thumb:

    The standard of our drivers in the club varies hugely, from one unbeatable alien (Sebastien "Loeb" Levret :tongue:) to complete novices who struggle to complete all stages. Most of us have plenty of crashes, but the main aim in the Club Rallys is to just have fun. As you no doubt know, RBR has a steep learning curve, but the best way to improve is to just join regularly, the more you drive it, the better you become.
    Our Rally Club events are taken pretty casually, most of us don't practice much before each event, it's more about the amazing quality of this Rally Sim, and the enjoyment of driving it. We vary the cars, stages, weather, and even the Damage level for each event to allow drivers to experience the huge range of content now available in RSRBR2011.

    We have a lot of Aussies in our Rally Club, most of us run Tuesday nights (7:30PM for QLD, 8:30PM NSW,VIC, Tas during DST periods; all at 8:30PM during non DST periods). Many of us are on Teamspeak in the OC (Aussie Sessions) which adds to the fun.

    Soooo, all you have to do is pop into the Rally Club, sign-up for our Rallys, and have some fun.

    If you want to experience a more competitive championship series, we also have the RD Rally Championship series running currently and you are most welcome to join it too. Whilst it is a Championship series, it caters well to all driver standards too, with various class levels depending on your current standard. You are welcome to join it, even though we are up to Round 6 next week. I'd recommend it.

    Look forward to having another Aussie in our RD Rally group. :cool:
  3. Thank you Warren.

    Sounds like I'll just get out there and learn from all my crashes:) Looking forward to meeting you and others on Teamspeak very soon.
  4. That's the spirit Anthony, don't join the ranks of the aliens, instead hang out with us common folk, who show up unprepared and crash every other corner, but have a chuckle about it afterwards :good:

    Welcome, hope you have fun :welcome: