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New to RBR (on PC) & RD Forum!

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Liam Harmon, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Hey lads and ladies!

    I'm a new member here and will be building a new PC for RBR.
    I am new to the PC world of driving sims, setting up and playing that is.
    I have just bought a Pagnian wheel stand and a G27 and am practicing on GT5.
    Can you guys help me out with where to start for getting RBR going?


    (Sorry to make a new thread if there is already one like it)
  2. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium

    Hi mate, welcome to the forum!
    For starters, make sure you read this thread as it will explain how to install and use RSRBR2013 which we run our club/championship on :)
    To get to grips with the game and how it all works, I suggest you play the standard game and do the rally school, Its great for learning the physics and even I do the school every now and again to refresh my memory on certain techniques :)
  3. Thanks Jack! I'll check that thread.

    I did buy the game on release in 04 on xbox and have played a lot of driving titles since I was a wee kid. Now it's time to step up to a PC and wheel. It's great to see RBR still going strong. Can't wait to get into it!

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  4. Welcome Seido! Hope to see you tearing up the stages soon!!!
  5. Welcome and have great RBR fun!!!
  6. Cheers guys! I hope so too. I'll have the PC built by the end of next month hopefully.

    Can you guys me a little run down of car classes ( I've seen so many awesome cars) and how many rally locations there are and how many stages per rally?
    I'm excited about the long Finland stages I've seen!
  7. I've got plenty of doubt so I'll be going like Colin...
  8. Thanks Warren!

    Name's Liam by the way. Nice to meet you all.
  9. Liam, your name has a bit of a celtic flavour to it, if so I am from N.Ireland!

    The club races are great fun, and the c'ship is intense. Best way to experience it is to have a go.

    As for what an actual RD rally is like, you can go to our 'movies section and see what some of the competitors have done, or once you have RBR and the RS Centre installed:

    There is a 'skins and replays' section in the c'ship part of the forum, it has allllllllll the replays of all the racers from any event wee have done. (a word of caution though you need to have the RS centre set up with the same stage/condition/car to be able to replay some of the stages, but you can get that from the info of the race notes.)

    To embarass myself:
    Heres my last race replays from 'coff's harbour rally'

    Put the replays in the replays folder in your main RBR directory
    I use the fiesta RRC from the 'N_S2000_2' car pack.( I am grade 2)
    Theres a word doc included in the RAR file with the conditions for the RS centre for each stage before you hit the replay button.

    Good luck and get building that PC

  10. Yea John, my old man is from Dublin. I was born in Sydney.

    I think the club races will be the go as I can't commit to c'ships these days. I will be looking forward to it.

    Sounds sweet. I'll check your replay then haha

    I will be asking many questions about setting up RBR and my PC cos games and PC I know very little about the tech side of it.

    How many rally locations are in RBR?


  11. Locations etc, the RBR game, not so many. With the Rally Sim Mods.... tooooooo many to mention, and basically any rally car you can think off. Thats why no-one is repling to that question, waaaaay too many for us to list.

    Get the PC
    Down load the RS mod as per instructions linked above
    Then we will all be more than glad to help you out, with any set up problems.
    (classic install tip is check RBR works before you go for the Mod and read the install instructions Jack mentioned several times before you start)

    I have done most sims, but RBR with a wheel, on the PC and the RS mod will keep you entertained for years. Especially when you start to compare your times with the top guys. Envitably you will think they cheat, then after watching theyre replays etc you will realise just how much time this game can demand!

    Good luck

  12. Ps. rather than look at my replays (the shame) just go to any of the c'ship rallys and do the stages listed per event. Compare your times witht the results page (posted below the stage details.) You can see what cars are used per grade in the rules section..

    Least people see my replays the better lol
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  13. Yea, I can only remember about 5 or 6 locations in the original game. I'm glad there is a big list! haha

    Sounds great. Thanks for the help.
  14. lol ok cheers man
  15. Hey what's happening lads?

    May sound like a silly question but is it better to have a hard copy of RBR or download it? (if so, from where?)

  16. hard copy...
  17. Michael Nelson

    Michael Nelson

  18. Thanks guys. I will get ordering...