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New to RBR and busy d/l so thought I'd say Hi :)

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Brian Clancy, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone, took the plunge and invested my 6 euros on a spanky new RBR dvd! lol

    Busy d/l the mod/patches etc, so thought I'd say hi. Great tuts on how to get it running in win 7, major help! Looking forward to entering a few rallys once im up to speed! :)
  2. :welcome:

    now with us you are gonna to feel the real driving mate :D
  3. Thx Ondrej :)

    Lookin forward to it! Just gotta get used it next and get all the mods/patches installed, should be great fun a diffrent challenge!!
  4. G'day and welcome Brian, it should prove to be the best 6 euros you ever spent. :)

    Look forward to seeing you join our Club Rallys and hopefully our RDRC as well.

    I'm keen to see what hardware you recommend for Rallying, I'm currently looking for more realism by adding a suitable upright handbrake rather than my G25 shifter (or maybe a better custom shifter?).

    Have fun sliding around the gravel, snow, and tarmac. :D
  5. Cheers Warren :)

    On the Handbrake case already!!!! Have a few clever homebrew idea's for a super duper realistic H/Brake!
  6. Brian can never keep it straight anyway, so I'm guessing he's gonna be right at home in RBR :tongue:
  7. Hahahaha, you might be right there Mr Callan Sir :D
  8. Thx for the warm welcome :)

    Now I know im being a noob dummy, but the 2011 keeps crashing at the start and whats with the mulligatawny profile???? Do I need to make a new profile with that name in the original rbr game first?

    Sorry, im a bit fik at times lol :)
  9. The Mulligatawny profile should be created by RSRBR2011.

    Not sure at what point you are crashing the game, so a bit hard to advise.
    Did you select Mulligatawny to run RSRBR?
  10. just had it working then, but not sure why LMAO! :)

    All installed and registered, fired up RS center, selected car/stage etc, then hit ??????
  11. think i have it sussed for offline atm! OH GAWD, you REALLY do NEED a Decent H/Brake looool! :)

    Made the mistake of assigning a shifter padle as a handbrake lol
  12. Make sure to read both of these tutorials to better understand how to play Off-line vs On-Line.



    The user friendliness could be improved with RSRBR, but if you play around, things should become clearer. If you need more help, just holler and someone can get on TS with you and explain things better.

    BTW, try driving France, then you'll really see the importance of the handbrake.
  13. Welcome Brian!
  14. Thanks Aaron!

    Well, just been hangin an ol Mk 2 Escort about, GREAT FUN! I have owned quite a few RS2000's RS1600's and mexico's over the years (even an early twin cam MK1) so lovin this! Cany believe I hadent tried this before tbh. (You guys been hiding this from the rest of us lol)

    Seem to be getting to grips with the mod now, but will deffo shout when I need help, thx guys :)
  15. Welcome Brian!!

    Can you post pics of the sim setup you have, so that a dummy like me can know what a real sim looks like... Right now I am addicted to the sim thru my keyboard :p

    Thanks, n Happy New Year guys!!
  16. This sim is a classic isn't it. We've done our best to keep it to ourselves, but the aliens are invading us now. :D:D:D A year ago we were struggling to keep the Rally Club afloat. :eek:

    BTW, the Escort Mk2 is great, but you won't need the handbrake for it, it is pretty much useless with the RWD cars. You probably already know, but you steer it with the throttle. :cool:
  17. Great to see you've made and are already up and running :).
    Shush, I'm driving like that all the time, as I've mentioned in another thread before :p. The only button I am able to press at any time on my wheel really, driving with 540 degrees and one hand half the time :D.

    To clarify Warren's comment about handbrake usage in RWD - it's the RBR limitations (physics are reversed FWD ones), not the actual lack of use for a hanbrake in those properly powered cars ;).
  18. Thanks again for the great welcome guys! :)

    Much to learn, but found the Escort FAR EASIER to drive than the fwd stuff already! and the 4wd 6R4 is awesome but VERY hard to turn in as defualt. This is gonna be FUN me thinks :D

    Just gonna get a couple of quick stages in, then gonna look at what needs to be done on the .ini to get the most from the sim :)

    Its like xmas......hang on :) lol
  19. Try the Volvo 242 in the A8_1 pack (I think?). Best fun in a car I've had :D
  20. :welcome: Brian to RDRC. Now some RBR specific hardware review pls:D