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New to PC Racing

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Coco B, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. Coco B

    Coco B
    Premium Member

    My name is Colin (Col or Coco is fine too), 46 and an aircraft technician by trade, working and living in Lincolnshire UK at the moment. Used to race on two wheels IRL (moto x and speedway) but too many injuries have curtailed those escapades! I've been racing on consoles, mostly Gran Turismo series for a number of years now and after the usual route of DFGT (then GT3RSV2 and finally? T500RS on a Playseat Challenge) on a wheel stand, I now had the space to build a dedicated rig and go for triple screens. Finished?? that couple of weeks ago with 3 PS3's for GT6 and in a quiet moment decided to try GT Legends (cheap on Steam) on the laptop hooked up to one of my screens. I was totally blown away by the difference in feel and the race experience, even in such an old title with really low graphic quality from the laptop. So as Christmas was fast approaching I decided to jump into PC racing and treat myself to a shiny new gaming PC.

    It arrived today and I have to admit after downloading drivers; games, setting up accounts etc. it all got a bit emotional when I couldn't get the games to display correctly on all the screens (maybe why I'd stuck to consoles for so long just plug and play) but after a bit of research on forums I think I'm finally getting there!
    Just dipping my toes into a load of different games to get a feel for the qualities etc. of different titles, getting myself a bit confused with which buttons I mapped to which function in each game, so a dedicated button box may well be in the not to distant future.
  2. Hi Col. Welcome to the forum mate.

    I am also like you but you seem to be well ahead of me at the moment. Just purchased a fanatec csw and then its on to clubsport pedals and universal adapter.

    Not sure if you have already but you should check out the premium forum. Lots of helpful guys there. Hope you enjoy your stay here.