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New to iRacing

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Daulat Gana, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. I purchased iRacing about a month ago and very exited after all the hype. Well here goes.

    1. i was disappointed on day one after all the settings, but managed to get something goin.
    2. calibration was awful...not sure what i was doing.
    2. test drive with solstice rookie car , and man was that an experience....
    3. it was like a fly trapped in a house ...all over the place.
    4. no setup as a rookie to adjust , do not have any option to tweak the car
    5. only one view from inside the car, no option to change view.
    6. just played it on day one of purchase ...stopped it after this...

    can anyone here change my view and explain how to get past this....

    thanks to hear my braggin.
  2. lol, duidriver I felt the same way when I first tried iracing. I played it once and left it alone for about 3 weeks. The slowstice was so hard to keep pointed in the right direction. It took a week of commitment to understand what was going on, but I am glad I stuck with it. The learning curve was steep for me but after I got the hang of it, it has been the only sim I've played in the last 4 or so months. After a while the cockpit view didn't effect me any more, I learned that the tires have a lot better traction when I keep them on the road, and that some of the habits I picked up in race on and rfactor didn't work in iracing. And as far as the fixed setup in the slowstice, if you think about it everyone else has the same setup, so now it about who has the better lines and who can be clean for all laps, not just one really fast one. I would say that you need to give iracing more then a day before you set your mind against it. The slowstice is a bad repersentation of what iracing has to offer, IMO, some poeple love it.
  3. Thanks....william. Thats encouraging.

    Any quick tips and advice for use with fanatec 911 wheel.
  4. I use a g27 and I had no problems with the calibration system. If your not already be sure to use 900 degrees of rotation and just follow the iracing calibration setup. Keep in mind that the solstice has power steering so if may feel a little funny at first. Start off slow and get a feeling for the car, if you focus on putting in clean laps the speed will come.
  5. Hi guys. Since we're asking n00bie questions I gotta few of my own :)

    1)Does iracing have qualifying before official races? If so, how long is the qualy time?

    2)If yes to #1, do you get grid penalties the way you do in F1 2010 if you run over a curb or take a shortcut?

    3)Does iRacing have tire wear? If so, how often do tires wear down? I mean, in what lap do you usually need to change them?

    4)Can you give a brief overview of the penalty system? I mean, I know there is a strict rating system, but what about penalties? Does the game deduct points from you when you run over curbs or get caught in a collision? How harsh are they? Are they harsh to the point where you pretty much have to tiptoe around the track to avoid getting one?

    5)Is there a pit crew man that talks to you during the races? Or is there no chatter whatsoever?

    6)Just to clarify, iracing's cars have NO car setup options at all? That is GREAT news! Seriously I hate having to worry about car setups and all that complicated jazz. The fact that we have all the same settings means it's all about skill and I like that. I might join just on this alone :)

    Thanks in advance :)

  6. Set your wheel to 900 degrees in the Fanatec software, and follow the ingame calibration tool. Should be easy if you follow what the sim tells you to do.

    Remember this is a just a street car and not a fast racecar. Drive it like your own car and you should be fine in learning the car without going all over the place.

    See above, it's a streetcar. Also perfect for new simracers to concentrate 100% on learning the car and learning to find the ideal line etc. instead of tweaking the setup which is not important at all at that stage.

    Because it's a sim. In real life you can't switch to different views neither.

    You need to put time in it to start to feel comfortable :)

  7. You can qualify whenever you want. Every hour a qualify session starts for every series in iRacing and your fastest time will be saved and put on the qualify rankings. If you join a race that fastest time will be used to make up the grid. So there's no obligatory qualifying before every race. If you put a time in during the first day of the week your time will be up there in the qualify rankings for the rest of the week.

    You can start a race without qualifying, but it's not recommended as you'll most certainly start at the back of the field. Let's say there are 10 guys joining for a race, the grid will be made up by the Q times of those 10 guys, whenever they set that time.

    If you cut the track in Q your lap doesn't count and won't be shown in the results.

    Yep, but only in the higher classes you really need to pit for tires (and fuel). The lower classes have tire wear too, but the races are shorter there so it never really falls away much.

    A few hits here and there and some off tracks, spins etc. are not a disaster in the lower licenses. Though I recommend on focussing on safe driving instead of riskfully fast driving in your first races to climb up the rankings faster.

    You can turn on a spotter if you like.

    I'm sorry to disappoint you, but only the rookie cars don't have setup options. The D class cars have a few, and so on. The A class cars have many setup options.
  8. I subscribe to iRacing and am far from being a regular podium finisher, let alone being an Alien, lol.

    It is quite a learning curve, what with the Rookie vehicles you start with, but then that's how it should be. It's not a game where you just jump in and drive like a demon straight out of the box. It's a motorsport simulation - a learning tool - more than a racing game, but that many folks seem to be signing up these days and treating it like a Forza, GT5 type of offering, and then not liking it.

    Admittedly, it can be quite pricey to get going, but once you have purchased content, it stays with you (along with updates for the cars/tracks) so you're not having to keep buying things over and over. Even if you cease your subscription, should you come back after say 6 months, all your previously purchased content will still be there.

    The Solstice isn't the easiest car to handle, nor is the Spec Racer Ford, but stick with it. The rewards will come if you are patient. The sim rewards the clean driver, and not the have-a-go Harry's who can't keep a car on track. This is where the SR licensing comes in, along with the iRating.

    The online practice sessions are a great place to ply your trade (if you're finding your offline testing a little lonely), as they don't have any affect on your SR or iRacing rating. IMO, they help immensely with learning the traits of each car, whilst getting you on track with other racers.

    If the Solstice is getting you down, the new build is just around the corner and they will have the new Rookie car - the Mazda MX-5 - which of course will be free, released along with the Williams FW31 F1 car (which you can purchase in then usual way).
  9. I am feeling much better after reading a few posts..Like william and sander ( thanks BTW) mentioned it is a street car. I think that is the key. i will give this a shot this time with patience... Let see...i really like the idea of good clean laps.and the rating system, so everyone drives carefully...i just wished i can get past this steep learning curve....thats all.

    Assuming, i get past learning curve , is iRacing based on specific time/date sessions for racing or can we can race at our conviniece ?

    And oh BTW..i will have zillions of questions going forward....so tell me to STFU if needed...
  10. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Just make a new thread per question and i am sure you will get your answers soon :)
  11. 24/7 :)
  13. I really had none of these problems
    As soon as I got to iRacing i felt it was really amazing,
    and the solstice - amazing :p
    Only thing that I found confusing was the iRacing site itself really.
  14. Taking the plunge myself... just now completing the 45 minutes worth of download, restart, & download some more.... :)
  15. Glad to see you dive in Eric, it will be great fun!
  16. Thanks Sander.
  17. I've been thinking about signing up to Iracing for a while, especially since they are releasing the williams F1 car. Not sure if i should though, i've played Rfactor, GTR2, FVA and am a big fan of those, Iracing however is a lot of money and to join i would have to cancel my world of warcraft account (Kept that going for about 3 years and made a lot of friends)

    How does the handling feel in comparison to the other sims? and how much money does one realistically have to spend for it to be worthwhile? As a racer i only really have interest in racing road circuits, as someone from the UK nascar and ovals are so far from my culture and while i can have fun racing them i have no desire to pay for Iracing if it mostly consists of that.

    I've noticed they have silverstone and spa is coming (2 of my favourite tracks) so there are big upsides, but are the upsides and the online racing worth the hefty pricetag for a european who has no interest in racing stockcars and ovals?
  18. Road and Oval licenses and ratings are seperated. So if you have 0 interest in Oval racing than you can fully concentrate on Road racing without being held back for anything.

    I've spend a few hundred bucks in 2 years now, all of it for road racing cars and tracks and subscription.
  19. Yeah, you dont pay for any oval stuff unless you want to. Silverstone has been out a while, btw, its Spa and Suzuka thats in the works. Other Brit tracks are Brands Hatch (released) and Oulton Park in the works.

    As for the handling ... I see iRacing as a whole as way ahead of anything else, despite its flaws. The physics and force feedback is great, better than anything else, but where it really shines is track detail and overall service with safety ratings, skill rating, stats keeping and the rest bundled together with no fuzz.
  20. Ryan,

    For all road content + 15 month subscription I paid around 350$, of course you don´t have to buy all of it, cheaper aproach will be for example:

    Cars (most populated non-rookie series)
    -Skip Barber
    -Star Mazda

    Tracks (most popular):
    -Road Atlanta
    -Watkins Glen

    with this and http://www.iracing.com/buy-1-get-2/ you can have a decent try out of iRacing for around 70$
    me personally haven´t touched anything else since I have subscribed and b4 that I played mostly Simbin´s titles
    best thing IMO is ease of online racing where most of the series races starts every two hours and there is always enough racers in Skip and Mazda at least, GL, worth every penny I have spent