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New to iRacing and could use some help....thanks.

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Jamie Shorting, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I just purchased the Star Mazda and I would like some help as far as setting up the car for Okayama. It is a high, medium or low downforce setup? Thanks for the help so far everyone.
  2. It has a couple of long straights, but I would say Medium or High. I haven't done this car yet there, let me give it a go and I'll post back in a bit.

    Edit: Tried 3 Setups: Mid-Ohio (High DF), Indy Road (Med DF) and Road Atlanta (Low DF)

    Somewhere between High and Med I think is the way to go, my top speeds were definitely higher with Indy than Mid-Ohio, but the higher DF setup allows much more momentum to be kept up in the corners (particularly T2 and the last 2) so the overall average is higher.

    Try this setup, and lower the wings a little if you want. It appears to be good and stable at Okayama.


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  3. Bram

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  4. Thanks to both of you. :good:
  5. There is also a request thread there if you haven't seen it. Someone will usually try to provide a good stable setup for anyone who asks.
  6. Got a question too.
    Did a jump start by accedent, got a stop and go penalty for that. Fair enough.
    However when I stopped, my pitcrew decided to add fuel, change tires, maybe even wash the car.
    Can't they tell it's a stop and go? Or do I have to turn all actions off manually using the F keys?
  7. you hvae to turn them all off before going in pits
  8. Yeah, I usually set up my pit stop stuff during warmup. You just use the F4 and F5 keys to bring up the pit menu, and tell it what you want it to do when you come in, which, in most D or R level races is 'nothing'.
  9. There's normally time on the grid at the start of the race to change the pitstop options as there's no real disadvantage to gridding late at Rookie and D. It's a pain when you forget to do it. In the C+ class races on ovals with cautions. I always adjust the pit options on the grid (usually to set the refuel level but turn it off) and tyres. Just make it part of your grid routine; press F1 to see how long you have left, F4 to clear fuel; f5 to clear tyres; Then back to F1 to track how long you have left, once the timer get's to 0 select the gear and press F3 (and keep it on for the whole of the race). F3's especially useful toward the endof the race so that you can tell whether you are close enough to catch the driver in front and whether the chasing driver can catch you. If it's no to both then you can back off a little and concentrate on a clean finish no sense in risking an off or spin for no real gain.

    On the first caution laps before the pit lane opens, there's plenty of time (and normally space, behind and in front) to turn them on and off.

    Typically this is to turn the fuel back on when I've burned enough that the refill will take me to the end of the race as most of the C+ races only need one fuel stop.
  10. This helps, next time it will really be a stop and go :)
    I use the F3, it's useful a the end of a race too. To see if you need to keep pushing to maintain position, or you can slow down a bit and be on the safe side to finish the race.
  11. Ok, another question.
    Is it possible to send a message to another iracing driver?

    One just rammed me on a qualifying, and I like to know what he was thinking at the time.
    Haven't found anything on this in the user guide.

    Edit: never mind, you can do it using the forums :)
  12. I've never found pursuing similar events useful. :) I would just shrug it off and move on. ;)
  13. I'd vote to wait for 24 hours or more to simmer down. In most cases after 24 hours you probably could care less about the incident and are more interested in your next race etc. If the driver does it a lot, he'll probably drop his license and won't be an issue in the future.

    More often than not, it was just a racing thing. Maybe bad judgement, but if he's earned that license then he's likely not normally a hazard. It just happened. Wrong place. Wrong time. In the big picture it's just a 4x and maybe some iRating.

    And both iRacing and Safety Rating come back way quicker if they drop, so you'll get it all back again soon anyway. :)
  14. Agreed. If it was blatantly purposeful, you can report it. Otherwise he may have just run out of talent or been distracted - anything. "One 'o them racin' deals" as they say here in NASCAR country.
  15. Oh, I didn't plan to report him. Just wanted to send him a private message to find out what his reasoning was. His answer was good enough, I think he just gets a bit hot headed on the track :)