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new to game and g27 could use alittle help please

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by DAMIEN666, May 29, 2011.

  1. hi all ive just got a g27 and im struggling to get it working right, ive been trying for 2days without look :(

    i have read that the spefic game profiles dont work right so ive set the global settings instead, i have set the wheel rotation to 270 expecting it to lock my wheel from turning past this point but it doesn't :( so i have a few questions i hope you all can help me with

    1) if i set the wheel to a certain rotation degree should my wheel lock when i get to that degree, or should it still turn beyond that point?

    2) to get my wheel to match the animation of the ingame wheel i had to set my linearity to 50 / Saturation to 25 then it matched the ingame actions but my wheel still turns beyond this point, is this normal

    please help me thankyou
  2. No it shouldn't lock.

    Yes as it happens to me as well but its fine as you only need to turn it 90 degrees each way and not over unless your at Monaco :)
  3. ok mate i have played about abit more and fount out if i turn the wheel global settings to 270 then turn the wheel without the game on the wheel locks a little past 90' but when i open the game that lock is lost and it turns the full 900'

    also thankyou for confirming the ingame linearity to 50 / Saturation to 25 settings :)

    ps..could the wheel lock me lack of other setting, could you send me all ur global+ingame setting please, so i can see if they work for me like you
  4. Well my settings don't match in game. I have to turn it about 75 - 80 degrees. Makes it more sharper for me but I can't remember them :frown:
  5. ok if i turn the middle feedback setting to 0% in game menu then i feel the stop at 270' why is this :(

    please post ur ingame forcefeed back and profile ones thankyou
  6. I'm not sure how you lock your G27 wheel but on my feedback settings the top one is 50, middle 100 and bottom 50.
  7. if i set the middle and bottom off i can feel the stop :( bloody game and wheel :(
  8. The wheel rotation for the G27 is 200 degrees (might be 201), this will match the wheel in game, this is what I use, I don't really know where 270 came from, however I read this somewhere too, but also read 200 and use this now.

    The lock that you have at 270 or 200 etc, is not so much as a hard lock, it's more of a rather soft lock, it just stiffens slightly, I don't know how to make this more noticeable, you probably won't notice it while driving unless you have some FF setting maxed out or something, which you probably don't want. I have just got used to the not being able to feel the lock, I know that if I turn roughly 90 degrees left or right, i'm at full lock.

    I found that having the wheel at 270, I had trouble changing up and down gears while in a corner, only due to the awkward angle position the levers can be at during the turn, at 200 degrees it's fine.

    On the whole, the G27 is a great wheel, however I think that F1 2010 doesn't do the wheel justice, the FF effects are very simple. I don't feel a pull from the wheel when I turn and a release of this pull when I lose traction round a corner, I do get a small pull in the opposite direction while I spin out, but by then, it's too late though. Compared to other games, the FF does seem very undeveloped.
  9. i see so basicly its a soft lock only :(

    thankyou for the info mate