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New To Evo! Got some questions...

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Thomas Klutsch, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    i just purchased evo yesterday at steam. i must admit that was the first time i ever played it, i don't know why but i just skipped it when it was released. this applies to gtr2 and race 07 as well. god what an idiot i have been :D I LOVE this game :) finally a game that focuses on what matters, and does these things right! not this dissapointing GT5 **** ;)

    Now, i got 2 questions which i couldn't really resolve for myself

    1. when doing time attack, which is what i am currently doing all day long, does it matter how much fuel you have loaded? for weight = speed? cause i guess if this is the case you'd have to fill in just enough fuel for one lap to beat the records, and restart the race after each lap trying to do so... But this is kind of an atmosphere killer, i'd rather like to race like 40 laps without a brake to really get into it. It displays "N/A" beside the fuel amount there in the setup when doing time attack, as in race events it displays the number of laps you can go with this fuel amount. so that makes me think perhaps fuel doesn't affect the car on time attack?
    Which i would find a very cool decision, but i really have to guess.. Anyone knows that?

    2. this regards controls: I am using the DFGT wheel, and i could set it up, works well in the race and all. but even tough i have also successfully defined buttons from the wheel for menu interaction in the controller setup screen, it seems like that don't really work. That means what i can do with the wheel is drive and use all buttons in race, but i couldn't figure out how to use it for menu navigation. this is quite annoying cause i have to keep my mouse near by me and switch to that each time i want to change my setup.
    Has anybody successfully setup menu navigation with that wheel?

    Thank you for replying :)
  2. 1. The car is re-set every lap so you can run laps for as long as you like. Not quite sure whether the weight is based on the amount in your setup, so I would keep it low unless you need it for balance.

    2. Can't help there. Have a different wheel and have never tried using buttons for menu navigation.
  3. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    1. You won't ever run out of fuel in time attack mode, which is why it says 'N/A' instead of a number. As for an affect, the fact the option is not greyed out suggests that maybe it will still add weight to your car. (for testing purposes?) If you're trying to break records, set it to minimum.

    2. The menus are not controllable by anything other than mouse. When the game lists menu controls in the setup screen, it's referring to the in-race pit menu, not the main menus. Its possible that you could use third-party software to get your wheel to emulate a mouse, but I'd say its more trouble than its worth.
  4. Alright thanks for your answers :)

    One other thing just got in my mind: I guess car setup is a big part of that game, but unfortunately, im not that an car expert. im good at driving these things but i can't really tell what all those triggers and sliders do. theres no explanation at all, is there some resource where all the things in the car setup menu are explained?

  5. Hoodi, theres a huge learning curve here. Let me help you short circuit some of your pain.... Try to get involved with one of the racing clubs and get onto teamspeak with a bunch of us. We'll get you into a drivable car with one of our setups and help you get involved with a great bunch of guys whilst you learn. It will honeslty make your learning curve flaten out way faster than trying to do it on your own.

    There's a great bunch of guys here that are all willing to help.
  6. @Jarrod

    Well your offer is very kind! however, i have spent a lot of time in stuff like clans and competitive online play (not racing games), and i don't really want to get involved in such a thing ever again. Unfortunately, I tend to lose the fun aspect of gaming over those things and my real life gets a bit out of control :p So, when i'm hearing things like "racing clubs" and Teamspeak, something in me gets a bad feeling..

    hope that does not sound too unlikeable :D i don't have a problem with meeting up with some nice guys over the internet once in a while, i'm just not interested in becoming active part of some club or community or whatever.

    So, if you don't mind that i'd stop by sometime for just a quick evo 101 lesson, รก la "thank you and good bye", yeah i would defintely like to do that ;)

    just let me know :)
  7. Its not a clan or something. Its free to join when you want. Some nights you feel like some racing then you can enter a club event in a controlled enviroment instead of going on the public servers. Thats what the "club" is all about. :)
  8. alright then :D

    now as a start some example setup would be nice. i have done hot lapping at nordschleife with the bmw z4 from GT-class, and after about 30 laps the best thing i could do was 7:28. there's a couple of seconds i could still shove off in the third big part of the track, but i kind of reached best possible driving in first 2/3. so i guess with this setup best i could possible do is like 7:20. best on online table with that car is a 7:00.

    so i would be glad if you could give me a setup for that car and track if someone has something lying around :D just to see what the main differences are.

    right now i run what is basically the default setup, i just changed:
    - fuel to 1L
    - decreased ratio of 6th gear by one step (default was too high i didn't reach max speed on the track)
    - i don't know what it's called, well where you setup the RPM but not for a certain gear, but in general or something. it's on the left side of the "overall" setup screen..
    i changed that from 8400 to 8600, not really knowing if this made it better or worse..
    - lowered the car at front and rear from 7.0 to 6.0 front and 8.0 to 7.0 rear. now is a write this down this might be a bit dumb, isn't it? cause nordschleife is kind of bumpy, is it a good idea to lower the car?

    i cannot really feel what could be setup better. i mean basically i am very pleased with how the car drives, steering is very good, i don't really loose grip or something.

    all the other things.. did not touch and do not understand :D
  9. Hey Hoodi.

    Look at this: http://www.racedepartment.com/gtr-evolution-setups/

    Also driving in time attack is misleading as you have the perfect tires ( no wear and even temp. ) and no fuel use through out the lap, you will never be able to repeat your times in on-line server. TA is only good for learning your lines, nothing esle.
  10. don't know what it's called, well where you setup the RPM but not for a certain gear, but in general or something. it's on the left side of the "overall" setup screen..
    i changed that from 8400 to 8600, not really knowing if this made it better or worse..

    That's the Rev Limiter - it's the highest RPM that the engine will go before it cuts fuel momentarily - set higher will generally (depending on car) allow more power for longer, but it will cut engine life over time - which is of little consequence in Time Attack or Qualifying.
  11. @eric

    are you saying that in real races the engine can actually brake due to aggressive abuse? how ****ing awesome is this game :cool:
  12. Called simracing. ;)
  13. +1 Ivo

    Oh, they'll break alright... try a practice run and shift straight from 6th to 2nd or 3rd a few times (except for Mini's, which can handle about anything you throw at them)
  14. hey, another riddle to solve: i just downloaded a .svm file from your car/track thread, i purchased evo over steam and the only directory i got on my hard drive is called "race 07" and i can't really find where to put this file?
  15. Goes in to a subfolder of "my documents (or documents)/simbin" i think it's playerdata/setups/"trackname" or similar
  16. ah ok thank you! now let's see if i can get better times with this one :)
  17. Sorry for not replying sooner Hoodi, Sure, stop by and talk evo if you want. I don't mean to turn you off from participation in our "club". I understand reluctancy however with this game you have a few options, you can hotlap (ie.. time trial mode), you can race against the computer, you can race online and then when you become frustrated with the crap that you have to put up with in the public servers online, you'll either decide to stop racing or you'll seek a cleaner, competitive environment like racedepartment or many others on the net where there's accountability for your actions.

    anyway, pm me and I'd be happy to give you a few minutes to help you get setup to race on or offline.
  18. will do within the next days or next week! but in what time zone do you live? cause i am living in germany, so we would have to figure out some reasonable time for both of us ;) oh and yeah having said that, you can prepare yourself that our conversation in TS might be kind of "laggy" at some points, cause i mean i can speak and understand english, but still it's not my birth language so.. hope that's ok :D
  19. That's okay, and honestly, it'll be tough to find a time that works for me and you as I'm east coast usa and i never am available until after 2gmt. I'm sure one of our european friends could spare a few minutes.