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New to AC - Which Mod cars should I get?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by rocafella1978, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. rocafella1978


    hi all, surely you have seen my newbie posts here in the forum, i have only started on the PC recently with AC being my first game. all is still fresh, now I would want to get into CAR MODS.
    what cars are absolutely recommended by hardcore AC fans and experienced AC drivers?
    thank you all for your help and guidance.
  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

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  3. The additional versions of the shelby cobra is a must. The zakspeed capri turbo gr5 is pretty fun, way too grippy but interesting to drive with the turbo. Same with the lancia delta evo 2 hill climb version with turbo.
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  4. rocafella1978


    thank you guys very much! been looking around downloaded mods, nothing installed yet.
    1) Sareni Camaro GT3 any good?
    2) Corvette C6R?
    3) URD EGT packs? (although $$$ :-/ !)
    4) any of the Porsche GT3? R? RSR? GT3 Cup good?
    5) Bentley GT3?
    6) Audi R8 GT3? (mod)
    7) Nissan Primera 1999 BTCC?
    8) Ginetta G55 GT4?

    last question:
    how do u figure how and what to run against in the classes? (so many and confused...) GT3, GT4, GT, GTE, other classes? then i noticed stage 1-3? just curious how to know what u can race against with AI?
    since GT3 field is kind of unbalanced, of course because of different year specs, but is there a way to fins out? or just put AI@100 and test test test?
  5. The Dorsche/Porsche cup car is the only one of those that is worth installing imo. Many will probably disagree, just because it's a matter of opinion. Nothing right or wrong.

    Why dont you just install and try? You can just remove what you dont want, even original cars and tracks are possible to remove if you need HD-space.

    The game will choose categories for you when you create a quick race for example. You can choose from those. Exactly balanced is impossible I believe. But it's quite fun driving against high powered cars with bad cornering while youre in a lower powered car with better handling, it becomes a bit back and forth. Just try it out =)
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  6. rocafella1978


    Tomas, do u have correct links to the cars you recommended?
  7. No sorry I dont save links. Just search and you should find them. The Dorsche is a mod you have to buy. They dont accept posting links to other sites at RD either.
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  8. Concentrate on mastering original AC cars they are far better than any moded one you can find. There is no point of looking for moded cars especially in gt class.
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  9. I've had a lot of fun with the Ginetta in single make races, once I fixed the aero.ini file (delete the data section) and added fonseckers sound mod (his sound mods are all worth downloading).

    All the top rated mods on RD are worth downloading.
  10. I just found the Lotus Evora, that is one fun car to drive, it corners like it's on rails, like someone said check out the cars that are pre-installed first. I also found a lot of cars that you download from "other" sites won't work in the latest updates.
  11. None of the cars in this thread have tire model ver. 5 - just fyi.
  12. rocafella1978


    thanks @ZethGAF for the heads up, was reading about ver.5 today and thought so too. but still an experience! i am gathering info and trying to get them all going for tomorrow to test and experiment, i am sure, fun none the less to some degree. (hopefully :)!)
  13. the URD T5 and egt mods have the v5 tires. As well as the New Rally Legends mod. At least it says so on the loading screen
  14. As others have suggested
    My list:
    Mazda 787B
    Mazda MX-5
    Caterham Academy
    Sareni Camero
    Rover Mini
    Nissan 180SX
    Shelby Cobra Competition
    Williams FW31
    CTDP 2009 IFM
    Formula Renault 3.5
    Ferrari 248
    IER mods

    Waiting for update:
    FC1 W06
    FC1 FW37
    Honda NSX
    Alzen 996
    Lamborghini Countach LP500s
    Ferrari 288 GTO
    Primera BTCC
    Seat Ibiza + VR6

    Porsche wise theres a gt3rs which seems good, can find at assettoguy.reddit.com,
    and the gt3 cup from notworking.url seems decent but probably not worth paying for unless you are happy just driving it vs ai, i doubt it gets used online much
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  15. rocafella1978


    thx Chris appreciate the list and taking the time to share with me! I have to say excited to test the cars today, have spent some time in searching, researching, unpacking them making sure directories are right, skins are working and then moving to AC content!