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New to AC - daft question

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Michael DeMarco, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. Michael DeMarco

    Michael DeMarco

    Hey folks, having very much enjoyed The Crew beta recently, it sparked my interest for driving sims again (used to play all the F1 titles), so bit the bullet and got myself AC.

    Loving the realism of the physics and handling on Pro, but still very much getting to grips with things. So in future I hope to take part in some online club races and maybe even leagues, so I downloaded the Albert park and GP2 mods, and set about a practice weekend.

    Now to my question...I started with 21 opponents, I was getting the cpu load and the car was completely undriveable. It was like a brick on ice. No amount of steering lock would even get me round the corners, and the car was sliding even at very low speeds. So I ratcheted the opponents down to 10, and even though I still get the cpu load warning, the car became way more driveable. Is this normal behaviour for this game, and are the multiplayer races like this?

    If so, I fear I may have completely wasted my money :(
  2. Juris


    There are a lot of stupid questions regards AC. This isn't one of them so don't worry. Can you provide your full specs (CPU, GPU, Ram etc). If there is some form of bottleneck it'll help to determine the cause.
  3. Ernest Aubert

    Ernest Aubert

    It totally depends on your hardware configuration. The more CPU power, and graphics card speed and capacity, you have, the better.
  4. MeMyselfAndI


    As I understand it the main reason for this happening with Mod cars are they need more lod,s.
    I know the author of GP2 Mod & F1 Mod said he will add more lod,s to the car,s to prevent this in the official AC forum.

    If I run Kunos t98 I have no problem with an 12 grid race (And more) - with F1 Mod cars I think I got to 3-4 cars when I tested it!

    In the end it,s up to your PC Specs if you can run an full grid or not, but these Mods are not Version 1.0 yet and will be better optimized in regards to lod,s before they are out of beta!
  5. Michael DeMarco

    Michael DeMarco

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I understand the CPU is probably my main issue as it's a bit behind the rest of my hardware, but I wouldn't have expected it to have such an impact on my own cars handling. My specs are as follows;

    Intel i5 750 quad core @ 2.66ghz
    12gb Ram
    GTX670 OC
    Win7 64 bit.
  6. Georg Siebert

    Georg Siebert

    1) It is a CPU load & LOD issue
    2) load up a Kunos track with a Kunos car, and then judge the games handling, performance. These were both mods, one of them in active development
    3) Speaking of which, the GP2 car is setup very stiff per default and is one of the most diffucult cars to drive currently in AC. Start with an 'easy' GT3 one first, to get to know the handling.
    4) More info in the FAQ
  7. Michael DeMarco

    Michael DeMarco

    Thanks Georg. I'll check out the other tracks and cars of course, I was just a little surprised it had such an effect on handling, and not FPS.

    I streamed a couple of examples just to show the extremes...

    1st is with 6 AI;

    2nd is with 19 AI (full grid);

    I know my driving is terrible, and as you say, it's a difficult car to jump straight into :)

    EDIT: Just tried the old Monza in the M3 with a full grid and it was absolutely fine with no cpu warnings, so guess it must be the track and/or GP2 pack that's causing it.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2014