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Cameras New T-Cams Improved For Top Teams. 1.0

New Cameras.

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  1. Looking good.
    thx for your work!
  2. brilliant cams but 1 prob on the mclaren you cant see the side pod wings or towers the pic ive put up show an arrow to whats missing in the game

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  3. Great job look great, for my taste would be better focused, greetings
  4. Great job!!! What about other teams? Are you already working on that?
  5. it will be nice if you can center the cams you've done for a other mod ! great work :)
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  6. Maybe New-T Center Cameras to add to the package?:D.
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  7. No offense...but personally...the offset T cams look DEAD PERFECT from CM for F1 2013..I felt that the moment they started releasing the hotlap videos. And the toro rosso one is just a bit "indefinable" perfect...just looks right... so I chose to start my career in toro rosso inspite of their finicky rear end. :p lol
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  8. Yeah the centered cams would be great. I like the offset ones, but sometimes I will miss the apex of a right hander because of the offset. That pic(just above here) of the Ferrari looks great That is just me tho. Looks very good so far.
  9. Any updates for the New-T Center Cameras?
  10. Problem mate...can't see where I'm going now. The clock is right in front of my eyes

    F1_2013 2013-11-04 23-00-37-49.jpg F1_2013 2013-11-04 23-00-37-70.jpg F1_2013 2013-11-04 23-00-37-84.jpg
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  11. Could you just alter centered T-cams a little bit? Especially for McLaren...I can't se the steering wheel, My head is getting in the way...But I would also like to see my head, if you know what I mean :D
  12. In the New Cams, The Steering Wheel Is more Visible.
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  13. is there any way to apply these cameras to split screen mode too??...none has bee able to do it at the moment...thank you!...great work!
  14. i wait the T-centered cams with a big smile :)
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  15. Looking forward to the centered cameras as well. Many thanks.
  16. Sun Levi

    Sun Levi
    There's 5 kids but I only have 4 ice cream cones. Premium

    Any news on this? Looking forward to the centered cams!